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Fried Cajun Red Snapper

This fried Red Snapper is covered in a homemade Cajun spice rub. Although this recipe is for a frypan I have also done it very successfully on a BBQ.
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02 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Rainie13
This recipe turned out pretty well overall. I cooked the fish in a regular non-stick pan, cut out most of the butter (I used the olive oil instead), and added a splash of fresh lemon juice to the fish as it was cooking. Because I'd read the reviews before making the recipe, I cooked the fish on medium (covered, five minutes on each side), and didn't have any problems with it burning or smoking.
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20 Jul 2007
Reviewed by: PORUSGIRL
This was really great....a bit spicy but we love spicy. I rubbed the seasoning on the fish and let it marinade in the refrigerator for an hour then I baked it in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes (lightly grease baking pan). Served over broccoli/cheese rice with a side of spinach. YUMMY!
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26 Apr 2001
Reviewed by: ERIN C
Tastes great, but a word to the wise: keep that stove on medium! Our skillet got a little too hot and we ended up with crispy cajun red snapper. The spices are great on it, just make sure the skillet doesn't get too hot!
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14 Nov 2000
Reviewed by: CLOHREYMD
Make this seasoning, put in an empty seasoning shaker and have it ready on your rack for a delicious, easy meal.
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04 Apr 2005
My Family loved this. I cooked it in the oven instead of the grill.
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19 Jun 2002
Reviewed by: ALITSTER
After preparing the spices/herbs I realized that I didn't have snapper on hand like I thought. We had cajun cod instead. I highly recommend this recipe for any type of white fish.
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14 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: KOALAGIRL
Oh my, this was good. The only thing I added were buttered parmesan breadcrumbs on top to make a crunchy coating. The spiciness was fantastic with the fish. I actually made this twice in one week. Such an easy recipe because almost everyone has these ingredients in their pantry.
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29 May 2003
The best I have had. My husband and I do not eat much fish, but with this recipe we will be eating more red snapper. We both loved this recipe. I actually made up 8 times the spice recipe so I will have it on hand. Great taste.
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10 Apr 2001
Reviewed by: LEILA MCGRATH
We thought it would do slightly better with a little less herbs, and a little less ceyenne.
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25 May 2000
Reviewed by: ECARLEY
This is a tasy dish, the cajun flavors are very prominent. That's good if, like me, you're wary of fish in general. If your kids like spicy stuff they'll probably eat this without a problem! The only drawback is that collecting and measuring all the spices is a bit time consuming. But all in all, a good dish! Yummy with couscous and a salad.
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