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Mango and Raspberry Crumb Cake

This is a beautiful cake that is made with butter milk and includes mangos and raspberries. I like to eat this for dessert as there is something about the warm pieces of fruit that appeals to me.
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14 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: abapplez
Absolutely perfect in every way. I used fresh blackberries and a small handful of fresh raspberries and baked in a 9" springform and everyone loves it. The texture, sweetness level, amount of fruit and topping, ... everything is exactly what I have been looking for and finally found it. Can't wait to make it with other fruits. Made a conf sugar and lemon juice glaze to drizzle, for those who wanted it. This cake is amazing with or without it. I know this one will be requested often. Thanks for sharing!
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03 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: njbaker
This is the BEST coffee cake. My office is still raving about it. It's light and moist and the crumb topping is perfect. This recipe was a great find and I'll certainly be making it again. I didn't use the mango, but an assortment of berries worked very well.
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03 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: Kaley_Rae
This lasted..less than 48 hours. It was that amazing. I didn't even make the crumb topping, but rather sprinkled Sugar in the Raw on top. Used milk an vinegar vs. buttermilk an subbed in blueberries. Everything followed exact an, as previously stated, it dissapeared. Madre is already asking for me to make it again!! Loved the top crunch an, an, ooo I'll be making again. Thanks for your loving recipe, it's spot on spectacular.
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12 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: Spunky Buddy
Here was the challenge...could a novice baker (such as me) make this cake with results as good as his wife’s (the submitter, Naples34102)? I admit I did need a moderate amount of supervision and guidance. I didn’t know, for instance, to mix the crumble topping with a fork! And there were a couple of other missteps as well; the mango wasn’t ripe enough and I mistakenly brought heavy cream home from the store, not buttermilk. But not a problem because Naples always has frozen berries on hand (I used raspberries and blueberries) and she introduced me to buttermilk powder. I found her recipe directions easy to follow (for a novice like myself) and the cake a breeze to mix up. I’m not generally a fan of coffeecakes or muffins, but I sure do like this one. I’ll be bringing it into the office and I can’t wait to hear my staff’s reaction when I tell them this time this was my contribution, not my wife’s!
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23 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: lisa
Absolutely delish! Moist, perfectly sweet without being too much so. The topping is spot on. Just LOVE it! I only used mango in mine this time around. I'd love to have it plain-the cake is just THAT good!!
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19 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: SweetTooth122
I'm Naples' daughter and it's about time I tried my mom's recipe! Maybe I'm a little biased but this was excellent, just as I knew it would be, having grown up with the benefit of all her awesome cooking and baking! Nice and moist, fruity and flavorful, with a delicious crumb topping that's just a little different than most. I'm not as experienced as Mom is, of course, but her recipe is easy to follow and turns out a great finished product!
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18 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: Denise Holzberger
I made this with my 10 year old daughter. It was easy for her to follow the well written directions pretty much by herself with minimal help. We didn't have fresh mango so we used fresh blueberries instead and the cake turned out wonderful. The topping is incredible and just makes the cake. My daughter saved the last few pieces for her grandparents and days later it was still moist and delicious!
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30 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: Happybaker
This is a very nice coffee cake recipe. But then, it's hard to reinvent coffee cake as the recipe, and slight variations of it, have been around since time began. Although, I did enjoy the unusual addition of mango in combination with the raspberries. I have always used buttermilk in baking - it makes a world of difference. So I was glad to see this recipe utilizing it. Nothing needs changing here, and I would use this recipe again. *I am updating my rating as I recently noticed when looking for a recipe through my reviews, that I mistakenly gave this a 4 rating when I do believe I meant to give it a 5. This recipe did not need any adjustments so I shouldn't have given a 4. I admit I'm an old lady so that will be my sorry excuse.
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04 Aug 2012
Reviewed by: MARYSUNSHINE1
Oh Yum! Thank you naples for an excellent recipe! I took a chance on an unknown recipe and made two of them. I served them at a family birthday brunch and they were loved by all. Even the two youngest grandchildren that are usually into frosting and sprinkles skipped the birthday cake and went for yours after a small taste. The directions were exact and well written. I saw no reason to deviate from them or the ingredients. The cake was moist and delicious and the crumb topping was the best I've ever had. The combination of mango and raspberry was excellent although I can't wait to experiment a little, perhaps all raspberry. Regardless how I make it, this recipe will be a welcome addition to the master cookbook. Readers you must try this one, you won't be sorry. Ignore the negative reviews about this being, bland, tastless and just plain ugly. So, not true! Thanks again!
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15 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: gidgette
Excellent! Very moist, and would be just as good without the fruit!
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