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Butter Cake with Cinnamon Topping

This is a great German-style butter cake which uses yeast for extra lightness. It has a cinnamon sugar topping.
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14 Jun 2006
Reviewed by: SweetCarol
I have been making Butter Kuchen for many years, my german grandmother (nana) used to make it, the only difference between this and the Butter Kuchen I make is, I let it rise in a bowl covered with plastic wrap, then roll it out onto a big greased cookie sheet,cover,(let it rise again), put indentations in the top every 2 inches, then put butter in them, and then sprinkle with the whole top of the Butter Kuchen with sugar, & bake it at 350 deg. Butter Kuchen is absolutely fantastic !!!
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09 Nov 2000
Reviewed by: willy
this is truly a great cake to enjoy with a good cup of coffee.Best eaten whilst still warm and has yummy buttery and sugar topping
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06 Jun 2000
Reviewed by: Caffeinated2733
Yummy. Hearty, rich, buttery coffee cake with almost a bread-like texture. Delicious. A little time-consuming because of the cooling and rising steps but not difficult at all.
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12 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: KRISTEN H
Was a little time consuming, but aren't all good things? I had a couple of problems with the dough rising and being too large for the baking pan, which caused my cinnamon sugar topping to run off of the top and onto the bottom of the oven. Ooops. I think a little bit of cinnamon in the cake itself would be a great addition, but overall it was a great recipe. Thanks Janice!
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03 Jan 2001
Reviewed by: CBOLES
wonderful "old fahioned" cake. I am relocating to Germany and served it to friends who are relocating with us, It was a fun novelty and delicous too! A little time consuming but not hard.
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03 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: puppitypup
This recipe is just what I was looking for, a not-to-sweet coffee cake that doesn't taste like baking powder. My husband, who doesn't like cake, really liked it. Thanks Janice!
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23 Dec 2011
Reviewed by: simone
yummy--just like my oma and mama in germany used to make--id recommend a bigger pan however--too thick otherwise.
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05 Jun 2009
Reviewed by: mackdaddy
My mother was famous for her butterkuchen, and had to bring it to many family functions. When we asked her for the recipe, she said she couldn't tell us because she just mixed until it looked right. I think we have the recipe now. The only difference is my mother would add chopped walnut to the topping
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16 Oct 2008
Reviewed by: MichellesVegKitchen
We threw out about a half pan of this. Fresh from the oven it was pretty good, but it didn't keep well and made too much for us. It's easy to make however, and worth a try.
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13 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: Sarah-May
This is tasty and simple to make. A very good yeast first-timer recipe. It needed more spice in my opinion but was soft and delicious.
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