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Butter Tart Muffin

This is an easy muffin recipe originating from Canada where they are very popular. I find using real maple syrup makes all the difference but I sometimes use golden syrup for a change.
Reviews (64)

27 May 2007
Reviewed by: Christie Glenn
These muffins were great! They were full of raisins and they really reminded me of butter tarts! I will definitely be making them again!
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
24 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: CHEFABU
These were pretty good, just not the knock out I expected. The mixture in the pan seemed lumpy (watch for the eggs becoming "scrambled"). I would give them another try though, maybe with cranberries.
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10 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: Jenifer
These were 4 stars the day I made them (a little too custardy), but they are much better after a day or more. I put mine in the freezer, and they defrosted wonderfully and deliciously! 5 stars!
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
08 May 2006
Reviewed by: Michelle
Absolutly fabulous
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
06 Oct 2005
Reviewed by: spunkybaker
Very sweet, may try them without the maple syrup next time.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
30 May 2005
Reviewed by: MADSISTER
I don't know that I've reviewed a recipe I thought unsatisfactory and I won't be breaking any habits with my review of these muffins. They are delicious! I have made them on several occasions and have a double batch baking as I write. I decided to read all of the reviews on this recipe in an effort to determine if my results were similar to others. Specifically, that the muffins didn't seem to be quite done at 17 minutes. I've taken the suggestion of one reviewer in particular this time around, reducing the temperature to 350 and increasing the baking time to 25 minutes. I think this will work very nicely. One review has left me baffled in that this individual found the muffins to be dry! I can't help but think that an error was made in the measurement of ingredients as I've never found these muffins dry. They are quite rich and very moist, even too moist if not baked for an adequate period of time. All considered though, these are highly recommended. I've not had maple syrup on hand on any occasion that I've baked these muffins, and thus in keeping with the butter tart, have used light corn syrup with great success. Thanks!!
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
14 Jun 2004
These were delicious and very filling, a meal all in themselves. Highly recommended!
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
22 Apr 2004
Reviewed by: Ewa Lamb
I really enjoyed these muffins - they are very dense and full of raisins - not a light fluffy muffin. Great with a cup of tea. Mmm...
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04 Jul 2000
Reviewed by: MS.CHEF
I made these muffins for guests who were staying with us. I asked them what they would like for breakfast the next day and they said those butter tart muffins!! They also wanted some to take with them when they left. They were really a hit. Thanks for the great recipe.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
08 Feb 2001
Reviewed by: Florida Gal
This is a keeper.
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