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Butter Tart Muffin

This is an easy muffin recipe originating from Canada where they are very popular. I find using real maple syrup makes all the difference but I sometimes use golden syrup for a change.
Reviews (64)

27 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: tmr85
Excellent! I also like to add in some coconut for a little extra fun and texture, the whole family loves these!
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16 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: debby_ab
We enjoyed these muffins so much, that I made a double batch the next day. I subbed pecans for the walnuts.
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28 Sep 2007
Reviewed by: Angela S.
Moist texture with crunchy exterior. Much closer to bread pudding in flavour than a butter tart. Definitely enhanced by the flavour of the maple syrup. I made these in mini-muffin tins for a Tea, reducing the cooking temperature to 350 and the cooking time to approx. 11 minutes.
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27 Aug 2014
Reviewed by: jane
These were good but they are a very dense muffin. I made the recipe as is with one exception - I've never before had a butter tart that had maple syrup in it so I left that out. It was good but not sure I would make it again
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23 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: azaleas
Loved these! I would not call them butter tart muffins, but they are delicious - taste a little like raisin bread french toast. I forgot the nuts and it needed the extra crunch. Be careful heating the raisin mixture and not let the eggs congeal. Enjoy!!!
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19 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: Gracey
Good, but nothing special... They were too blunt for my taste.
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02 Jul 2007
Reviewed by: squishy
This was very tasty. I used mixed dried friut instead of rasins. Although I really did enjoy the cake, it was nothing to write home about... I don't think using just rasins would have made a difference. There just wans't that special "something".
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18 Jun 2007
Reviewed by: Deaniebees
A little extra work, but worth the effort!! LOVE, Love, Loved this recipe. I make it often and always bring to bake sales too! Yummmmmmmmmmmm!
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03 May 2007
Reviewed by: Cdnshaz
I love butter tarts, but not these. I found no resemblance between these muffins and butter tarts. I thought I had done it wrong the first time as the batter is as thick as cookie batter and I threw it out and started over, after getting the same result twice I come to the conclusion that it was meant to be that way. They seem to cook very fast on the top tho, so keep an eye on them, we have a gas oven so things do tend to bake faster in gas. I will stick to proper butter tarts and give this recipe a miss.
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31 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: STARDUST_331
I don't know why I kept looking at this recipe but I finally made it. Loved this out of the oven (after it was cool) - I don't normally like maple syrup but someone said it couldn't be forgotten, so I did it. It made this great crunchy topping. I will decrease the sugar next time to about 1/2 a cup - it was way too sweet. I will also whisk the cooked mixture vigorously the whole time cooking, as I did get scrambling in parts. Also baked it at 350 as suggested by others for 25 minutes. The boyfriend and roommate loved these! I'm dying to try the strawberry suggestion someone else made.
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