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Creamy Garlic Dip

This is a creamy garlic dip that has Italian origins where it is served as a main course with various vegetables and breads to dip into it.
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22 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: MARISAAR
I've seen this in Italian cookbooks and it's "Bagna Cauda." When my family makes it, after we saute the garlic and add the anchovies (but before the heavy whipping cream reduced by half!) we cook some steak in it, cut into dippable strips. After we remove the steak, we add some more garlic (because a lot sticks to the steak) and a little more anchovies and then add the cream. Note: You should stir the cream really quickly for it to blend the best. We love this stuff so much we have annual Bagna Cauda parties.
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19 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: USMCTankerWifeEgg
I have learned that in the Italian countryside, it matters not what it is called, but that it is an awesome dish. My family has served this for years. We call it bunya cauda. I think it really just depends on the family for its pronunciation. We have substituted this for the traditional Christmas dinner. We tend to serve it with regular cabbage, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli and just basically our favorite veggies & italian bread. In my experience in making it, people either love it or hate it. Its all about the garlic! LOL
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04 Apr 2003
Reviewed by: MKANEKOA
AWESOME! I added some shrimp, scallops, and spinach. Served it with pasta. Sort of like a seafood scampi. My husband was in heaven.
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29 Mar 2002
Reviewed by: JODI0003
My husband and I love this stuff. He told me about it when we first started dating, and when I found this recipie on the site, I suprised him with it. IT is now addicting. It does take a little while for it thicken, but it is definetly worth the wait. I use a entire jar of minced garlic, and heavy cream instead of half and half.
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14 Oct 2001
Reviewed by: Marie
This is an Italian recipe, and it is spelled "Bagna Calda."
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24 Jul 2003
Great party food! We too, call it Bania Caulda meaning "hot sauce" or something like that in Italian. Anyway, it serves more than 2. I saute' the garlic in butter and olive oil in an electric frying pan on low, then add the anchovies and let it all simmer then add a Tablespoon of vinegar (an Italian lady told me to do it) and mix well. We never put cream in it, but if I did I would not put in very much. Then we have a tray of assorted veggies and sliced French or Italian crusty bread, and folks stand around the same electric pan, using the bread as a "plate" and dip the veggies in the hot sauce and use the bread to catch the drips and munch away. Great conversation starter and so good with some good red wine!
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02 Feb 2001
Reviewed by: MARYSMTH
I'm amazed to see this recipe here. It is an old recipe passed down in our family and we call it Bunyaculda, but it is the exact same recipe. It is delicious, especially with green peppers and italian bread. But, just as Nita's very garlicy and you'll stink for weeks after. P.S. I've seen it spelled a million different ways... another version is Bagna Caöda.
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04 May 2004
Reviewed by: Goodeve
My husbnad and I enjoy this dish often. Add a bit of steamed broccoli, pour over your favorite pasta and you have a fast, filling meal.
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20 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: KIMBADA
This was passed on to me by my husbands family also. However they did not add the cream, just butter, garlic and anchovies. I have also seen this spelled many different ways. No matter what the spelling its a great appetizer.
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16 Mar 2004
Reviewed by: PRINCESS20NY
This was OK... but reminded me too much of Alfredo sauce and I was under the impression it was a much richer thicker sauce. The taste in itself was very good, but wasn't anything that would top the ordinary. I used 4 cups of heavy cream and 1 cup of milk. I also put in 2 cans of anchovies which gave it much more flavor. Did not change the amount of garlic or butter. I added a large pinch of flour (about 1 1/2 TBSP) thinking it would thiken up the sauce, but that did not help either. The mixture cooked for about 45 minutes med/low (simmering lightly) at which point I gave up on trying to get it to thicken. I give this a "B" and figure maybe I'll try it again since it's not very hard to make and now knowing that the sauce will never thicken to my desired consistency I will not need to cook it for longer than 20 minutes.
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