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Creamy Beef Stroganoff with Egg Pasta

This is a creamy Beef Stroganoff with celery and mushrooms. Serve with pasta and steamed vegetables for an instant family favourite.
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15 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: KATRINA55's the deal. Please DO NOT use 2 Tbsp. of seasoned salt in this recipe! This has to be a typo. It's so salty you can't eat it. I made this recipe before & caught that mistake the last time, but...this time I was in a hurry & guess what? Poured in the whole amount of seas. salt..oh,yuck! Realized what I did as soon as I poured it in. I didn't want to pitch the whole thing so I tried adding a couple of peeled potatoes to it (supposed to absorb some of the didn't). I was talking to my sister & she suggested pouring all the broth out (just discard it) but not the meat,bacon or veggies & then rinsing all that off & starting over with more worked!! Only this time, I didn't use any salt at all & cut back on the Worcestershire sauce by 1/2. Perfect! It's a very good recipe if you don't screw it up
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28 Feb 2006
Reviewed by: Wyattdogster
This recipe makes a very good stroganoff but because of the extreme sodium and fat content I had to make a few simple adjustments. I used thin sliced round steak which tenderized nicely with the lengthy simmering, only 3 slices bacon and lowfat sour cream and only a little more than half the amount called for. To cut down on the salt, I used low salt beef broth and omitted the seasoned salt alltogether...2 tablespoons is a HUGE amount! I substituted Mrs. Dash garlic and herb blend and added no additional salt. So..minor changes for health reasons and still this had EXCELLENT flavor. I only cook with fresh mushrooms so I used 8oz. of those. Thanks for posting...this truly was the best stroganoff I have ever made. Family loved it!
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05 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: Brenda Anderson
Very good. Did make some changes after reading reviews. Used thin sliced round steak strips and tossed them in seasoned flour before browning. The flour at this point thickened the sauce beautifully later in the dish and eliminated the need for cornstarch. Completely left out the seasoning salt and tweaked the spices some, such as adding minced garlic and salt & fresh ground pepper to the bacon, celery and onions while cooking. Also added a little extra dash of worcestershire sauce after adding the fresh mushrooms. Served over egg noodles garnished with some shaved Parmesan Cheese with fresh green beans and seasoned tomato wedges. Made a very nice dinner.
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19 Mar 2008
Reviewed by: Tom
I am a guy who loves to cook so I thought I would try this beef stroganoff recipe. It turned out great! My personal modifications worked PERFECTLY!. I used good round steak, threw the cut up chunks in a plastic bag with seasoned flour and coated the meat well. Browned/cooked the meat until it was slightly crispy and the coating was nice and brown. I used fresh "Royale" mushrooms (wonderful!), not canned, cut into small pieces and sauteed separately from the meat. Same with the chopped up onions. Did NOT add (a)the bacon (too salty), (b)corn starch,(c)Worcestershire sauce, or (d)any salt. I used (1)can of Campbell's mushroom soup with (2)cups of water instead of beef broth. After all was ready, following the recipe I found here for times and such, put it all together in a dutch oven and let it simmer. It was still very salty so I added white wine (Chardonnay) until taste evened out the saltiness. Stirred in the sour cream just before serving, again to my own taste. First evening's dinner I used egg noodles and served to dinner guests. They went nuts! Loved it! Second night, used the leftover stroganoff over white rice for myself. Both times it was EXCELLENT! I guarantee this recipe will delight you and your friends.
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05 Nov 2004
Reviewed by: JEANNEMAE
This was the best beef stroganoff I've ever made. I made 2 changes. First, I coated the beef stew cubes in flour before browning them. That eliminated the need for the cornstarch later on. I also think the flour gives them a nice crunchy, brown coating as well. Second, I left out the seasoning salt altogether. Didn't miss it at all. I think the beef broth has enough salt in it. This definitely is a total keeper!!
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30 Mar 2007
Reviewed by: Amy E. Johnson
OMG! This is so good. I always go by the comments. The comments are what makes this site better than any cookbook. I didn't use any salt, went easy on the bacon and celery, doubled the cornstarch, halved the worcestrieiuilsue(sp?), and used fresh mushrooms. The best ever! Plenty of flavor with no extra salt and I'm a salt-a-holic.
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16 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: MOJO1
This is a good recipe with a great flavor. I used ground beef and that cut the cooking time down to almost nothing. The bacon is great - I have never had a stroganoff quite like this. I'm not sure that sauteing the mushrooms separately did anything for the recipe - at least the way that I made it. If using the stew meat, it probably would make a difference since you would be adding the mushrooms after a lot of simmering.
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11 Mar 2006
Reviewed by: Veggie Girl
My family loved this meal when I made it for them. My mom, who doesn't eat large portions, asked for a second helping, and my grandfather, who is a very picky eater, cleaned his plate. I didn't use bacon, but, otherwise, followed the recipe to the letter. I agree with other reviewers that the sauce was a little runny, so next time I will add more cornstarch. In addition, I will use less salt, as it was a little too salty for my liking. All in all, it was easy to make, and I will definitely be making it again. It would be a great recipe to make for company, as you can start it well in advance.
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05 Sep 2002
Reviewed by: DEB PHELPS
I made this for our 26th wedding anniversary and it was a hit for the whole family. I don't use wine in my cooking and I was glad to find a good stroganoff recipe that didn't include wine. I, like others, used much less seasoned salt and fresh mushrooms. Very tasty, the bacon gave it an unusual and nice added flavor. We will make it again!
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14 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: RAPVNZLE
Very good! My husband loved it. I only used 1 tbs of seasoning salt instead of the recommended 3.. just seemed too much. I will probably use a bit more corn starch next time I make it as it was a little bit runny.
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