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Spaghetti Bake

When I have a busy day ahead I make this for dinner in the morning or the day before then heat and serve to a happy family.
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11 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: Melissa
We love this!!! Add a couple of cloves of garlic but otherwise awesome! Freezes great. My standard for potlucks. I sometimes use wheat pasta, the healthy request soup etc. Still awesome! It's not traditional spaghetti, but that's the point. Try it this way and you won't regret it
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15 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: Laurie Sutliff
This. Is. Delicious. - I used whole grain pasta, 98% fat free cream of mushroom, and 1/3 cup of milk (instead of the water)... those are the only modifications I made. So good.... I thought it would be dry, but it wasn't! Yum. Yum. YUM!
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29 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: tracydenese29
I know this received so many great reviews, but oh my goodness was this a strange meal! The spaghetti, cheese, meat, garlic and onion was got weird when the cream of mushroom soup was added to the equation. I could not get past tasting canned soup on top of my meal!!! It was a great concept (or so I thought) but very disappointing meal.
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14 May 2003
Reviewed by: FROGGLADIE
i use a shortcut and a bit of a change on this recipe....i use already made sauce, store bought is fine, add my mushrooms, black olives and sauteed onions...taste just as good and no mess. i also layer the soup instead of adding it all on top, makes it much more creamier. everytime i make it, everyone comes back for seconds and the recipe!! try it!!
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11 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: SuperGram6
I made this with ziti instead because it's easier for the kids to eat. I also cooked the meat separately and then drained the fat off. I had some fresh mushrooms in the fridge so I used them instead, cooking them towards the end of sauteing the other vegetables so they wouldn't turn black and mushy. Didn't have mild cheddar so used sharp instead. Tasted great and everyone absolutely LOVED it! Planning on making this on a weekly basis. Great reheated the next day for the kids' lunch.
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12 Nov 2005
Reviewed by: kcozonac
This has been a favorite in our family for years! I did find a way to cheat and get a similar flavor easier - i use canned spaghetti sauce with mushroom and green pepper (Ragu is our fave), and I mix the cream of mushroom soup in with the beef/sauce mixture. Mix the cooked spaghetti in, and layer spaghetti, cheese, spaghetti cheese. That's just for nights when I'm in a hurry - otherwise, I'd follow the recipe for 'the real McCoy'. Every time I've served this it's gotten rave reviews.
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12 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: MsPurplePearl
I have made this twice. The 2nd time I didn't alter the basic recipe but I did add chopped celery & chopped red peppers with the onions & green pepper, also used fresh mushrooms instead of canned. The 2nd time I used mozerella instead of cheddar. I prefer the ingredients in the 2nd time I made this. Generally speaking this is a very excellent recipe & is even tastier the next day .... heats up very nicely. I also agree to not leave out the cream of mushroom soup it really would make a difference not using it. I thought I'd mention this .. the last time I made this recipe I put 1/2 of it in a casserole dish & froze it. I partially thawed it in the microwave then put it in the oven til it was done. It was delicious & my verdict is that it freezes well.
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20 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: justynajd
Half of my family enjoyed this, the other half begged me to never make it again. I am among the half that like it.
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14 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: BrittSJ
VERY good!! Only thing that I did different was added some more spices to taste like garlic powder and onion powder. The meat/sauce mixture definitely needed some salt added to it, but that was to taste as well. I added fresh garlic among the vegetables and I added shredded mozzarella after the cheddar also. Overall the dish was very very good.
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12 May 2011
Reviewed by: kimandhertwins
this was pretty yummy. I also made some minor tweeks-- I added fresh basil and parsley, minced garlic all to the meat mixture. I also used the roasted garlic cream of mushroom soup. I layered the meat, noodles and cheese in a big mixing bowl then poured the soup and mixed it all together- liked it better this way, because you get a taste for everything in every bite! enjoy!
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