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Salmon Wrap

Tinned salmon is used in this quick and easy to make wrap that is also packed with healthy salad and a wasabi soy sauce.
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19 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: Rebecca Burch
This recipe rocks! I had to make a couple changes to suit my family, so here's what I did -- The cucumber I bought at the store had a really bitter flavor (??? it looked fine!) so I substituted slices of avocado, instead. Instead of tossing the dressing with the avocado, I just put it in a squirt bottle and drizzled it over the wrap once I had it assembled. It was DELISH! My picky family loved it, and I love that this dish can be customized any way you want. I put out some of our favorite sushi condiments as well (pickled ginger, wasabi for the brave...) and everyone loved it. I can totally see turning this into a fun party appetizer, by making pinwheels with the ingredients. Sort of like sushi for those too chicken to try sushi! I had no problem with canned salmon. If you get a good quality salmon, it works just fine. It would be fine with grilled salmon, as well. Thanks for this recipe! This is definitely going into frequent rotation at my house!
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04 May 2008
Reviewed by: Chari Campbell
4 1/2 stars, actually. Very nice blend of flavors - this is great when you don't feel like heating up the house with the oven and want something light and fresh. A couple of things I'll do differently next time ~ I discovered that I dislike canned salmon, so I'd use either fresh or pieces of tuna steak or shrimp - I think the tuna and/or shrimp would work nicely here. Secondly, I'd make more of the soy sauce mixture - Loved the taste and felt the wraps could have used more. Thanks for posting the recipe!
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04 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: MommyofRedHeads
Hmm, could be better. Will try again with these changes: shredded daikon (very common in Japan), use fresh salmon (maybe even the salted kind), and toasted sesame seeds. I thought overall the flavor was good, but the canned salmon turned me off. I used toasted seeds because that's what I have on hand. Since this is an asian inspired wrap, I found it odd being on a flour tortilla. Next time I'll try wrapping it in lettuce. It will highlight the flavors of everything else and be lower in calories.
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05 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: Kym Cox Surridge
I made several changes, but I kept the spirit of the recipe, and I really liked this. I used fresh salmon, which I baked with leftover homemade Pad Thai sauce; used brown rice and whole-wheat tortilla; grated the daikon and cuke; used chopped pickled ginger and more wasabi; toasted the sesame seeds; and mixed all ingredients (including the sauce) together. I added a sheet of nori on top of the tortilla, spooned in the mix, and rolled it all up--delish! I'd also serve this in a bibb/Boston lettuce leaf. Big bonus--not a lot of dishes to clean afterward!
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02 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: Courtnes
I love this idea. I went a little crazy with it when I made it because I wanted it to fit with what I had at the time, but the results were fantastic--really light, but very filling. I julienned cucumber, daikon, carrots, and white onion. I sauted a little gai-lan in peanut oil. Heated the tortilla in the same oil and then proceeded to fry some 1/4 block of tofu (I didn't have any salmon). I layed the julienned veggies and tofu in the tortilla with some green onions (only the greens) split length-wise, pickled ginger, 1/2 sliced avocado, and Sriracha sauce. For the dressing I mixed a teaspoon of the juice from the pickled ginger with the soy sauce, rice vinegar, wasabi paste, sesame seeds, the diced whites from the green onions, and half a teaspoon of sugar. I spooned the dressing on to the insides before I wrapped it up. I had some left over veggies and dressing so I made a little side salad with it. It was a wonderful and easy lunch that I'll certainly make again. Next time I think I'll add some nori and try it with the salmon.
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05 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: BRG
Great recipe - the flavors of sushi but quick and easy to make. I used fresh ginger, which added a lot of flavor.
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15 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: juliee
This recipe was good and I will make it again. Be warned though it can turn out very salty. Next time I will use redused salt soy sauce and/or but salt free salmon. I also added chopped carrots in place of the radish and added honey. I made this in a flour tortilla wrap and added a slice of romaine lettuce. This turned out wonderfully.
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24 Jun 2009
Reviewed by: J Sodman
I agree with the changes suggested below.. the canned salmon did not work for me. Tried it on lettuce and it was a little better though!
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19 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: soozeeque
I love sushi, but nori paper is so expensive. This gives me my fix! Thank you!
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02 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: webwench
Kimbap in a Tortilla!! Cute!! I think I'd skip the calories of the Tortilla and just stick w/ Nori.
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