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Apple Sauce and Egg Noodle Kugel

This sweet kugel uses egg noodles and is is flavoured with vanilla and apple sauce. It is baked over a layer of sweet biscuit crumbs.
Reviews (62)

19 Apr 2008
Reviewed by: amu
This turned out very nicely. I used 1/2 cup of real butter(margarine is terrible for you), 1/2 cup less sugar, used 1/4 cup more reduced fat sour cream, used chunky spiced applesauce from trader joes, softened the raisin in the boiling water with the noodles, and used almost a cup of graham cracker powder and 1 tsp cinnamon mixed with 4 table spoons of melted butter and sprinkled that mixture on the top instead of on the bottom. I baked for 50 minutes. Next time I might even cut the sugar some more. I think the graham cracker "crust" prevented the noodles from getting dry and burnt. The crust was a nice golden brown - no burning.
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21 Feb 2005
Reviewed by: JLR84
I have never liked noodle puddings, but a favor to my mother inspired me to try this recipe - success! She called it the "best kugel I have ever had in my entire life." I still don't like most kugels, but this has become one of my favorite year-round dishes. I use only 1 C sugar, 8 oz of chunky applesauce, soaked sultanas (golden raisins), and no graham crackers crumbs. It is far less sweet and creamy than most kugels this way, and it really emphasises the appley-cinnamon flavour.
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28 Jan 2002
Reviewed by: A.M.
Excellent! I made mine with unsweetened applesauce and it was still sweet, just perfect.
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21 Sep 2004
Reviewed by: Bubbect
it is excellent . i cut the sugar down to only 1cup and used SPlenda instead of sugar and no one knew. Everyone loved it .
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07 Oct 2007
Reviewed by: rberkee
I brought this to a Yom Kippur break fast and people couldn't get enough! As suggested, I cut the sugar and used unsweetened apple sauce. My only complaint was the graham cracker crust turned a bit soggy--perhaps something else would have been better texture-wise.
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15 May 2003
Reviewed by: Corkygal
Really excellent recipe. I left out the sour cream because I hate sour cream and used milk and it did not change it all. It was so good and everyone ate it within minutes of it coming out of the oven!
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23 Feb 2007
Reviewed by: DAGRANDMA
very good - i used butter instead of margarine and cut it in half - should read melted.
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02 Apr 2003
Reviewed by: KAFFIR
This kugel is the third recipe I've tried so far and I just can't seem to find one that I like. The first two were not sweet enough and this one was too sweet. I used cranberry applesauce and more lemon juice because I like it tart, but I think I will cut down on the amount of sugar next time. Also, will cover with foil next time because the top part of my noodles "crispified" (burned). Thanks for sharing though.
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16 Sep 2002
Reviewed by: MMURKA
This was my first try at kugel, and it turned out perfectly. It was very easy and delicious. It also kept well in the fridge for a few days as we finished it. I will definitely make it again.
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18 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: Judy
This is an amazing dessert! My family ate it right out of the didn't even get to cool off I had to make a second one right away! A definate family and friend favorite Smells wonderful while baking!
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