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Homemade Spicy Chorizo

This is spicy homemade chorizo mince, much better than store bought. Use it in scrambled eggs or stews.
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17 May 2007
Reviewed by: Exarmymedic
**DO NOT ADD JALAPENO JUICE as another reviewer stated! This will change the flavor completely. Mexican chili powders vary in flavor and spice by brand and variety. For more depth of flavor, MIX the chili powders. I personally used 3 different powders with fabulous results. This is the BEST basic chorizo recipe.
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14 Mar 2006
Reviewed by: Melissa
This tastes really good and makes your kitchen smell wonderful. Make as is if you like your chorizo non-spicy and low in salt. I elected to kick it up a notch, added a bit more garlic and salt, then about a teaspoon-ish of jalapeno juice to give it a little kick. Like I said, good as is, but a little bland for my taste. Add a little jalapeno and WOW! Thanks for this recipie, I've always wanted to make this on my own, instead of using the fatty mystery meat at the store!
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13 Jun 2007
Reviewed by: juliana07
Anne, thank you sooooooo much for your recipe. I bought chorizo yesterday and asked the clerk what spices were added to make chorizo, chorizo. Well, he said he could remember off the top of his head. Thank you for your recipe. I will happily make it from scratch with your recipe and as you say it always taste better home made. An additional ingredient that I might add is fresh chopped lemon zest.
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05 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: GrandeBouche
I've lost track of the number of times I've used this recipe as a base for chorizo. Generally I use this recipe as a base for Sliders. I add an egg and (wearing gloves) grab handfuls of the mixture and squeeze it through my fingers. This is to break down the meat and meld the ingredients together. I cut down on the chili powder in order to add other spices to make the sausage hotter. The recipe is good as is but very versatile if you want to make it your own. I've used this recipe as a meatloaf and as the meat component in soups. It is tasty and versatilel. I am the chef at a sports bar and grill in Dania Beach, Florida. My clientele consists not only of local residents but tourists from around the world. I am expected to prepare extraordinary soups and specials on a daily basis...on a limited budget with limited time. My ratings are based on customer take them seriously. I have earned the reputation as the Soup Nazi (Seinfeld lol).
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22 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: pixiestix
This was exremely easy and very good. I added cumin, more garlic, jalapeno powder, paprika, and a little more salt. The smell was amazing. The whole family loved it. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!
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31 Jul 2006
Reviewed by: DC Girly Girl
Good! My only change was to use chicken broth in place of the wine (I just didn't have any) and use ground turkey instead of beef & pork. I formed patties out of the meat and froze them individually. Fried some up yesterday, topped with some cheddar cheese and MMMMMM....! Thanks!
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19 Feb 2006
Reviewed by: tortiz
I love this recipe. Its soooo good without all those left over parts that you have no clue what they actually are. This recipe is a keeper! I've made a few batches and given it away to family and friends. They love it!
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05 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: jellybean
I just want to say for those of you who put wine in chorizo, this is not "real Mexican chorizo" . I have always made my own "real Mexican chorizo" ground beef, chicken version, and vegetarian version for the past 30 years, but I never come across one with "wine". Well I tried it and my culture do not put alcohol in chorizo. I would leave out the wine, add chili flakes or cayenne to the vegetarian version. You're getting the "real Mexican" version this way. Good luck!
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25 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: tyks
I made this recipe without any alterations and wasn't very impressed. I made it on a Saturday, mixed it every day, and cooked some for the first time on Tuesday. The chorizo had a pretty distinct wine flavor that I had not noticed in other chorizo I've eaten. It was one of the dominant flavors. Maybe it is the wine I used... I just used a generic dry red wine. I'm glad others like this recipe, but it's not for me.
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18 May 2009
Reviewed by: Auntie Tippy
This was a wonderful replacement for the over-fatty store bought variety. I switched the meat ratio (2#Pork, 1#Beef)because it is what I had on hand. I also used a variety of four different chili powders (totaling 3/4c) to get just the right amount of kick. I'll be keeping this as a staple in my freezer!
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