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Tinned Peach Cobbler

Using tinned peaches makes an easy recipe even easier. I have used a lot of low fat / low calorie ingredients so it is healthier too.
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22 May 2003
Reviewed by: BIZZYBRANDI
Simple recipe. I altered it a little. I only used 1/2 cup of sugar.This recipe was plenty sweet just with the amount of sugar I used in it. I can't possibly imagine using 1 1/2 cups of sugar! And I added cinnamon to the peaches and allspice to the batter. Also I used soy milk instead of regular milk. I cooked this recipe in a glass pan and it took about 20 minutes longer than what the original time calls for. The next time that I make this, I think I'll add vanilla to the batter like one of the other reviewers suggested. I tasted the batter before I put anythiing in it, and it tasted to dull. So play with your spices and doctor it up a little!
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09 Jul 2003
Reviewed by: TINY POEM
The initial appeal of this recipe was its simplicity and the fact that it called for low-fat margarine and skim milk. In addition, as my husband is a diabetic, I substitued granular Splenda for the sugar - just followed the online Splenda info source ( to add 1/2 tsp. of extra baking powder for every cup of Splenda used instead of sugar, and checked for earlier cooking time. It turned out really well, except that the outcome was a little "paler' than it would have been with real sugar. I suppose I can always sprinkle some sugar on top to add some color. Also I added a tsp. of ground cinammon and vanilla as suggested by earlier reviewers. I will definitely make it again.
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09 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: MPS6294
I saw all the good reviews and thought this would be tasty and easy to prepare. Well, it was very easy. It pretty much tasted like bread and butter with mushy peaches stuck in it. Very disappointing, and a waste of ingredients. Ice cream didn't even help it taste better. Sorry...
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05 Aug 2002
Reviewed by: REELGEM6
Although this is not the most sophisticated peach cobbler recipe, it is a GOOD basic one to make...I added vanilla and cinnamon to the batter and was going to sprinkle with nuts but decided not to..maybe next time was around 10 minutes longer than stated in the recipe maybe because I used a glass pan....good basic recipe...
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15 Jul 2003
Reviewed by: TEJANITA1222
This was such an easy recipe! I was in a hurry and kind of screwed up and bought peaches in heavy syrup and completely forgot to put the milk in, but it still turned out great. I love to bake, but I don't always like to put in the time and effort some baked goods require. I love it when something labeled "quick and easy" turns out to taste really great, too.
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22 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: JOANNAMAN
This is a fast and good dish. Not the best peach cobbler, but I give it 5 stars just for the time and effort involved: all ingredients were on hand, 5 minutes to prepare and it was in the oven. Quick, easy, and tasty.
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14 Nov 2002
Reviewed by: LAUDERM
Quick and simple recipe and very tasty. My wife ate the whole thing in two days so we will have to make again soon. Cut the sugar to 1 cup and it was still fine.
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06 Sep 2002
I cut the recipe in half, used peaches from the backyard and almost burnt the thing, but it actually came out really well.
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05 Jun 2002
WOW. You'd never guess that so few ingredients would come together so well. AND it's light?! I would certianly recommend this recipe. I might even try other canned fruit! Thanks!
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27 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: JOJOBEECH
This turned out perfect! A very nice treat for the whole faimly. My kids just loved it and couldnt stop eating it. Seeing how it is good for them too, let them eat it! Cant wait to make this one again!
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