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Parmesan and Mozzarella Chicken Rolls

Chicken breasts are covered in grated parmesan cheese then rolled with mozzarella and prosciutto before being baked with white wine.
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20 Sep 2006
Reviewed by: MikePhx
Abby’s dish is just outstanding. We cooked it up because it made sense to use a cheese coating instead of breading to keep the dish moist. And in fact it worked beautifully. Do use fresh grated cheese, though. If you use a Kraft type product this dish will disappoint. We were concerned about the low temp of 325 but it keeps the dish moist and genuinely tender. You need to use a baking dish that’s big enough to put the rather bulky rolled portions in, though. You have to leave good room between them so the heat circulates properly. Otherwise the touching sides don’t leave the pink state. And you know those small portions of chicken that are found on the inside of the breast, sometimes called, “chicken fillet”? They cook up just as well using the cheese as your “breading” at this low temp, at the same time you cook the “real” dish…they are a delightful snack, too. A final touch you might consider is a few minutes of high heat broiling. It’s nice to get the top layer of prosciutto all the way to crisp. It’ll probably crisp up before you can really brown this dish though…so watch for that. Otherwise we highly recommend this dish, it’s terrific.
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24 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: Steph
Love this! I've made it twice and the second time perfected it, I think. After pounding the breasts, I cut them in half to make eight smaller rollatinis. Like another poster recommended, I covered them with foil for the first 30 min, then removed foil and baked another 8-10. The Penne Russo a la Vodka recipe on allrecipes is excellent with this. I served the vodka sauce over the chicken and over a side of pasta. It's a fantastic pairing! Definitely estaurant quality.
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06 Dec 2007
This recipe was fantastic!!! If you rate this anything but 5 stars then you've done something wrong and try it again! If you used Parmesan cheese other than fresh dont bother to rate this recipe as I'm sure it would be bland, dull and tasteless. Kraft makes a "grate-it-fresh" Parmesan that comes with a container and can be found next to the shredded and blocks of chesses in most markets. Its easy, less expensive and VERY good cheese. I did alter it slightly for ease of cooking though did nothing to change the flavor.I use the garlic that is preminced in a jar (I always keep it on hand in the fidge) it's not as strong of a garlic taste (though I love garlic) so I sprinkled it with garlic powder before adding the cheese and procuitto. I also used a little less cheese because I bought the slices. I had the procuitto sliced VERY thin so I was able to roll 2 slices inside and then wrap 2 around the outside so I didnt need to use a tooth pick. The effect was delish, the procuitto browned and was somewhat crunchy like bacon would be! YUM The wine and oil gave it a nice subtle flavor. But remove the chicken to a serving plate as the pan is only meant for it to be COOKED in!
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03 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: Savannahbride
I am NOT a chicken fan. It's usually too bland no matter what recipe or variation I use. HOWEVER, this recipe is absolutely delicious!!! Just the smell of it in the oven clued me in that this dish was a keeper!!! I followed the recipe EXACTLY, rolled up the chicken and was done preparing it in about 10 minutes flat. My husband is picky and doesn't really like chicken either, but he ate every last piece and asked when we could have it again. I will make this a staple. The flavors blended perfectly and tasted like a dish I might order out to dinner. THANKS FOR THE AWESOME RECIPE!
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20 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: Chef_Girl79
This is a great and east recipe. I added some fresh basil leaves to the roll on top of the cheese. I also browned the rolls in a skillet with a little olive oil before putting them in the oven. I did not use the prosciutto on the outside. I did not want to overpower the flavor of the chicken. After baking I took the wine mixture which I added a little chicken stock and fresh minced garlic and shallot to, and reduced it on the stove top by half. I added some heavy cream and reduced to a consistency able to coat the back of a spoon. I removed from the heat and added a T of butter to finish. It was a great sauce to compliment the flavors in the chicken. I served it with some traditional risotto. My boyfriend loved it!
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24 Sep 2003
Reviewed by: MOMMY DEAR
I think this recipe has potential. I didn't like the raw garlic in the middle of the breast I think it needed to be cooked first or maybe add a little garlic salt to the parmesan before you roll. Another thing I didn't like was when I removed the chicken from the oven, the oil and wine separated and it wasn't appealing to see your dinner sitting in a puddle of oil. Oh yeah, I think the chicken definitely needs to be browned before you put in the oven.
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07 Sep 2003
Reviewed by: SNOCITO
Out of all of the chicken recipes on, this is our favorite! My husband raved about how good this was. Usually, when I ask how a recipe is, he will say it is "alright." But he said this one was great ! I substitued ham for the proscuitto, and used a little less than was called for, and I had some provolone to use up, so I used half provolone and half mozzarella. I made this dish when company was over and served it with a chicken flavored rice mix and broccoli with hollandaise sauce. I will definitely make this again!
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11 Mar 2003
Reviewed by: MARIMAZ
Excellent recipe. The only thing i did differently was pepper each side of the chicken with coarse black pepper and add mushrooms to the pan when baking. Absolutely delicious!
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25 Oct 2005
Reviewed by: Nancy Toth
I just served this to my family tonight and have to tell you, it is one of the most fantastic, tasty, and easiest chicken dishes I have ever made! I used the thin sliced boneless chicken breasts instead of pounding out regular boneless chicken breasts and think this helped also with rolling because the chicken was so nice and thin. Thank's Kris for such a wonderful dish! My entire family raved about it!
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03 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: David A Ferrara
Great dish! My wife does not like prosciutto so I substituted Boarshead sweet ham (thin sliced)for it. I drizzled the wine/olive oil sauce over the chicken before serving......... this is a keeper. We had it with acorn squash covered in brown sugar,nutmag and butter, with a side of peaches.
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