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Simple Strawberry Jam

Perfect strawberry jam recipe for beginners that doesn’t use pectin, yet still produces a soft, spreadable and delicious jam.
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29 Sep 2008
Something else. This was my first time making jam. It was so easy to make and tastes great!!! My 9 year old son loves it. (I didn't even know where to get the jars from because it is not "the season" to make jam in MD yet! The craft store had the jars in stock.) Here are a few tips and/or lessons I learned... 1. Use a blender or chopper and puree the strawberries until you have four cups. 2. I did not have a thermumeter, so I brought the mixture to a rolling boil stirring consistency for ten minutes. (All you will see is bubbles all over the bottom of the pot and foam in some areas. If you put a lid on, it will boil over your pot.) 3. I did the cold plate test to see if the mixture would jell. The first time I was unsure, so I gave it five more minutes of rolling boil time, then tried the plate test again. 4. When you get the jars ready, after soaking them in hot water, use tongs and silicone mitts to handle the glass jars because they will be VERY hot. 5. Place the strawberry jam mixture in the hot jars and put the lid on right away and then turn it upside down. 6. I waited 5 minutes and then turned them back over. This seals the jars. 7. Your jam will not look like jam/jelly, more like thick syrup. 8. Wait for it to "set" After 48 hours you will know if you did it right. 9. I got 2 and a half 16oz jars out of this recipe. I hope this helps. Check out the mason jar pics of my finished jam. Enjoy and Good Luck!
29 Sep 2008
Jen S. said:
Something else. Just the way my grandma makes it! A little advice: you can store the jam in any jar you got but make sure that you put the glass and the lids in boiling water to get all germs off. Place them on clean kicthen toweles upside down and make sure that you don't touch the inside of jar or lid, otheriwse you'll most likley end up with mold in your jam. Once the jam is in the glass, screw the lid on and place them upside down for about ten minuts. This way the jam will stay good for months and you don't have to freeze it. Small jars with a cute red&white piece of cloth around the lid make great gifts!
29 Sep 2008
Bonnie said:
Something else. Wow - fabulous, easy recipe. I picked 11kg of strawberries yesterday (dont ask:-)and tried this recipe and a sure-jell freezer jam recipe. Both were good, but I loved this one. One or two recommendations: Do not use a saucepan - I started with a 3 litre pot and had to pour the jam into a large stock pot midway through cooking - when it starts to boil, it really bubbles up. It takes a long time to get from 215 degrees to 220, keep stirring so the bottom does not burn and be patient. I also used the plate test and it worked well also. The results are great. I used plastic containers, and am storing what we are not eating in the freezer - it won't last long.
29 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: TJACKS23
It was so simple!! I just *loved* it. The consistency is excellent and the jam's just perfect for morning toasts. (Tip: trust me, there's nothing like serving this jam over cheesecake. Try it, you won't regret it!!)
08 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: flojo
This is the easiest and best jam. I won't bother trying any others. I add the zest of the lemon to give it a bit more zing.
14 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: chuckstars
Came out great! I'm not really a jam eater but my partner loves it and there was some strawberry's going to waste so I thought why not try this recipe! I am now in love with this jam and think it will become a regular in my household!
11 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: smithdmc
This was so simple to make with preschoolers and they all loved it
20 Sep 2012
Reviewed by: LizMay
Wow this was the first time that I ever made jam
29 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: LINDA MCLEAN
This one turned out pretty good. A little on the thin side, but great taste and colour. You really have to cook to the precise degree to make sure it sets. Overall very good.
02 Sep 2012
Reviewed by: jacki
I added a vanilla pod mmmmmm


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