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Easy Homemade Hummus

You can make this easy hummus more or less smooth by adding the reserved chickpea liquid from the tin.
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16 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: KERI KENNELLY
Very tasty. It was my first time making hummus and I needed a healthy version because our guest has high blood pressure and tahini jacked up the sodium and fat. We weren't eating greek so authenticity wasn't an issue. I also added cilantro, cayenne pepper and paprika. I served it with warmed pitas and red bell pepper.
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18 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: EBAILIS
I, like the other reviewers, will never buy store-bought hummus again! It is just too easy and tasty to do it at home. (And MUCH less expensive.) The amount of garlic was a bit strong. I like garlic and it was even too strong for me. I adjusted for that the second time I made it. I also added a splash of olive oil and more of the bean liquid to smooth out the hummus. It would have been a bit too think without it. A great base hummus recipe that can be jazzed up a million ways. Thanks so much!
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29 May 2003
Reviewed by: AZgin
This did not taste like the hummus I have had in restaurants. The jalepeno's are strange, not adding to the normal greek flavor. We ended up throwing it out. I would not make this again.
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02 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: CHARITYBOO
This is so good and healthy! I added parsley and paprika, and didn't add the peppers. I will definitely use this again. Thanks
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15 Jun 2002
Reviewed by: STREEVES1
This is a tasty recipe that even my picky 12 year old likes and asks for! For a different twist, I have added a couple of drops of sesame oil. Give it a try! It doesn't last long at my house
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15 Sep 2008
LIANA said:
Used different ingredients. This houmous was super easy and so good! I'm a "houmous snob" too. I was skeptical about leaving out the tahini. I added a bit more garlic, a tsp of black pepper, a dash of tamari, and a chopped up spring onion to give it some of the flavours of my fave recipe. Great! I'm getting ready to make my second batch. Thanks for the recipe!
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15 Sep 2008
BEETLEBUG887 said:
Something else. So I had this tin of chickpeas sitting on my shelf and decided to make some houmous. However, it had to be something simple because I didn't have much else. I found this recipe and gave it a try. In all honesty I did stray from Erin's true recipe, but its close enough to say it was a GREAT basis to start with. I added some extra virgin olive oil (rather than the bean liquid) and salt. Instead of the chilli, I added 1 tsp of cayenne pepper. After blending it all, I tasted it, and added a few shakes of spice as necessary. Also, its a good idea to cover this with clingfilm and then allow it to sit in the fridge for at least an hour so that all the flavours can mellow and mix together!
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14 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: daidai
Great low-fat recipe for hummus! I substituted about a quarter tsp of cayenne pepper for the jalapeno, and it turned out delicious!
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21 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: REL18
Great recipe, I highly recommend it; super easy to make. Didn't have jalapeno or cumin, so I left out the peppers & added curry powder instead. I played around with the amounts of bean juice & lemon juice (added a bit more to make it smoother) and added a teaspoon of olive oil. Be warned, 3 cloves of garlic makes a SUPER-GARLICKY hummous. Vary as needed! I'm never buying hummous again!
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08 Jul 2006
Reviewed by: Debbie
Great recipe!!! My family loved it!! I took flour tortillas spread with cream cheese, Hummus and green onions rolled and cut into bite size pices and my girls were eating these as fast as I could put them together and one is a very picky eater. This one will go in my favorites!!!!!
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