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Baked Chinese Salt and Pepper Chicken

Crumbed chicken is cooked in the oven before being added to stir fried onion and capsicum that is in a salt and pepper sauce.
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02 May 2010
Badger-2009 said:
Altered ingredient amounts. 1/2 tsp chinese 5 spice 1/2 tsp ginger powder
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02 May 2010
Reviewed by: Badger-2009
It was nice but it is nowhere near matching the local chinese takeaway. From my research i have discovered that your above recipe needs some chinese 5 spice added probabably about 1/4 of a teaspoon maybe less maybe more and there is no ginger mentioned which might be a missing ingrediant also. I will also be playing with the sort of oil used for cooking it as i dont think vegetable oil is quite right. going to experiment with ground nut oil and sesame oil in the future to find out. i Also found that the dish was nicer if you bought chicken nuggets and then added these to the pan (whilst still frozen) coating them in the mixture and then cooking them in the oven, this makes the breaded coating go back to crispy as i found that doing it your way(coating them after cooking) made the breaded part a little soggy. With the remaining onion chilli garlic mixture i flash fried some noodles in once the chciken was done in the oven. Further more White pepper is better than black pepper and schwaun pepper is better still and as a guideline as its not mentioned above add 1 teaspoon of salt and 1/2 teaspoon white pepper. 1 thing to note if you do it this way. Keep an eye on your chicken in the oven as once its coated with the oil from the onions mix it cooks faster.
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18 Jun 2010
calmac said:
Altered ingredient amounts. I found this a little oily. Next time I am going to try it with half the amount of oil and take it from there.
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11 Jul 2012
Reviewed by: lessafc
nice one. dont know wat planet badgers on. hes ended up cooking a different meal haha
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26 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: jpneeson
was not a spicy as i am used to, but this maybe because i had to take out the chile seeds
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14 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: missymclaffz
This recipe was amazing! It tasted better than a take away or sit in meal and it was fairy easy to make as well! I made this first at home for myself as a trial run, then at a friends house. They've been raving about it so much i have to go back next week and cook it for a larger group of friends now Thanks for sharing!
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26 Aug 2012
Reviewed by: msleamccreadie
I absolutely loved this. Perfect and tasted exactly like our local take away. Thanks for sharing.
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19 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: aleksndarsi
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14 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: ebruk
loved it. verrrry nice.
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07 Jun 2015
Reviewed by: VongsKitchen
not too bad. you need some msg and the salt should be fried then cooled before mixing with the rest of dry ingredients...thats how the pro. do it.
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