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Rhubarb and Custard Muffins

This is a neat trick where you put the custard powder in the flour mix when making the muffins. The rhubarb provides great colour as well as flavour.
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22 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: Sweets86
Yummy! Really nice muffins, only took 15min in my oven. Didn't add colouring but they were an attractive 'custard' yellow without it.
12 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: michellex4
Nice Muffins, everyone like them
10 Oct 2010
Ellwood2112 said:
FABULOUS RECIPE!!!! I'd run out of muffin cases, so used a lined loaf tin instead and cooked it for 55 min. It is delicious! May use a bit of ground ginger next time to add to the flavour. Thank you for posting this recipe!
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03 Jul 2012
Reviewed by: Bunnsandcakes
Yum yum! Great recipe, although I added 200g of rhubarb and substituted 50g of the caster sugar with dark brown sugar because I love the way it tastes with rhubarb and they were delicious! My daughter is delighted we are not giving these ones away so she can eat them all!
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02 May 2011
julmagic said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Sorry Andy, I'll Correct that Now!!
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15 May 2010
Reviewed by: billy99
These have worked perfectly to use up the glut of Rhubarb - they are delicious and Im not really a rhubarb fan!
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12 May 2015
Reviewed by: Aisy
Awesome recipe they are so moreish!! Managed 6 in a row with my first batch had to force myself to stop eating them. Just making my second lot now to share with family. Thanks for posting this simple, yummy recipe
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07 May 2014
Reviewed by: busterepic
it was great help for my school project and was delicious and i would definitely make it again in my own time
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24 Apr 2011
AndyN1958 said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Ummm, sift the flour and BAKING POWDER ? But there's no reference to how much baking powder to add...
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17 Nov 2010
thomas_zoe said:
Used different ingredients. I used banana instead of rhubarb, turned out great. and used s/r flour
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