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Beetroot Torte

Serve as 'Purple Velvet Torte'. This is a gluten free, dairy free and sugar free cake perfect for special occasions.
Reviews (5)

30 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: Dibby
This is an absolutely amazing recipe. Tastes better than normal cakes and it has no flour! I used honey as a substitute to the agave nectar and it worked fine.
12 Sep 2010
madvix said:
I'd like to make this, but with sugar, not agave, how much sugar should i use? the recipe sounds great!
09 May 2014
Reviewed by: HARPER9
I LOVED this recipe!!! The only thing I did different was add honey and a tad of... Wait for it... Molasses... Bc I ran out of honey too! Soooo different, but ohhh so delicious!!!
15 Aug 2013
Reviewed by: ZoyaBrian
Would definitely recommend it. I am self proclaimed queen of substitution. I didn't have agave nectar, so used honey instead. I also didn't have enough beetroot so I added some apples. Also I had some tapioca flower lying around, so I added a little bit too. It came out perfect! As said above, very juicy and soft Thanks for the recipe
21 Apr 2013
Reviewed by: ReinerHarbers
I love beetroot and so tried this recipe and I love it. The cake is very soft in the inside and crusty on the outside.Will make it again.


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