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Condensed Milk Chocolate Fudge

There's a lot of chocolate in this fudge, also condensed milk and marshmallows to make it a real treat. Great for Christmas presents, birthday parties or for your next cake stall.
Reviews (7)

09 Jul 2017
Reviewed by: gmv45
Not to sure how to rate this yet. I just want to query the amount of white sugar. Is that correct 900 grams. Thats a heap of sugar. Thanks Glenda
06 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: magick_mogwai
Just tried this fudge, it did not work. Followed the instructions exactly but it started thickening during the 6 1/2 minutes boiling then turned into a grainy thick mess when I tried to add it to the chocolate. Don't know if it's possible to salavge it
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22 Oct 2012
Empepper said:
It tells us to use condensed milk in the recipe then it says evaporated milk in the instructions ,there is a big difference between evaporated and condensed which one is correct
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07 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: RyanGillam
Great Recipe. Although a reduction of chocolate would be good! As the amount of chocolate meant anymore than one block could not be eaten for a while. Although on the plus side that is good for losing weight!
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26 Jan 2011
chocolate said:
Used different ingredients. maybe add a bit of melted white chocolate to the mixture, but don't mix it in, just let it swirl, to make a nice pattern. x
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05 Jun 2011
Merguez said:
Something else. great
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20 Aug 2013
Reviewed by: bakingbunny
it was very good i think the condensed milk is right but then you say the evaporated milk in the instructions ??? anyway was a bit rich but everyone i gave it to liked it and so did i do recommend this !!!
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