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Seafood Soup Stock

A good stock is the basis for a good soup or stew. This recipe uses prawn shells but the addition of any non-oily fish skins, bones or heads will further improve the flavour.
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17 Jan 2005
Reviewed by: LASTMANG0
perfect starter gumbo stock recipe! I wouldn't limit it to just shrimp shells though! Feel Free to add fish bones, crab shells or any other shellfish shells you have around. The best gumbo stock I make is almost exactly like this but we use leftover crawfish shells from crawfish boils done in Zatarains Liquid. It adds a real zing to the stock that really helps the gumbo.
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17 Oct 2001
Reviewed by: YHAMILTON
I tried the Seafood Gumbo Stock last year and it was wonderful, actually it was the best that I have ever tasted.
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20 Jun 2004
Reviewed by: bgraham
Doubled the shell amount, turned out even better. Used it as base stock for Shrimp and Okra Gumbo.
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23 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: Dawn
I made this stock a few years ago to use as a base for gumbo for my Mardi Gras party. It was incredible and I beleive roasting the shrimp shells really makes the difference. I made shrimp etoufee this past Saturday for Mardi Gras party and wanted to use this stock but didn't have the time to roast the shells and then simmer for the 7+ hours to make it. I had a pint of some really rich shrimp stock I had made earlier using shrimp heads and shells and a pint of some rich home-made chicken stock that I added to the water. The house smelled so good and the stock was so yummy. I had some left and added some other ingredients for a small bowl of soup yesterday - Delicious!! Who wold have thought to add cloves? Brilliant!
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13 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: Marie
This stock is the best I've ever made! I used this stock recipe when making seafood gumbo for about 75 people. Here are a couple of their comments:One lady from Mississippi said she absolutely LOVED the gumbo! A gentleman from Baton Rouge, LA said the gumbo was incredibly rich and flavorful--no doubt a product of a great stock!! Thanks for a great recipe...this is a keeper!
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19 Feb 2002
Reviewed by: BGORE04
WOW! This takes a long time, but it was delicious!
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06 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: GrayWolfgang
Firt time I made it and I was a sceptic but its great!!! I saved the stock in a 1/2 gallon milk jug in the frig.
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14 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: thistlegarden
The stock is excellent, but time consuming. After I roasted the shrimp shells, I simmered it in my crockpot all day. That worked well. The gumbo recipe that goes with it isn't as good...
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18 Jan 2010
Reviewed by: babydoll
what fallows this ive madegumbo before so i dont know what to do after the stock is made
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17 Jan 2010
Reviewed by: TNBQUILT
Wonderful. I make this and pressure can it so that I will have it on hand whenever I want to make gumbo. Adding a fish head and some clam shells will make it even better, but I used only shrimp shells for a long time.
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