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Low Cholesterol Mayonnaise

You can make your own mayonnaise very easily in a blender. This recipe omits the egg yolk to create a low cholesterol version.
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07 Sep 2009
Reviewed by: rosabela
I just made this mayo and I couldn't believe my tastebuds! The taste and texture are just like the store bought version (similiar to Hellmann's). I am so happy to have found this recipe! The mayo found here in Germany is not like the real stuff back home. This is the closest I will ever get. I used what I had on hand, substituting prepared yellow mustard for the mustard powder (I kept the same quantity), and sunflower oil for the vegetable oil. This recipe was quick and easy to make with outstanding results. I had my parents taste test it with the following verdict: my dad and I really liked it and both agreed that it is just like the stuff you buy at the store, but my mom, on the other hand, thought that it had too much lemon. So I would recommend adjusting the lemon flavour to your own taste. Thanks, Jillena, for this wonderful recipe. :-)
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26 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: cpuffer
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am on an iodine restricted diet and was looking for an egg white mayo recipe. I have shared your recipe with others on the same diet and we thank you!
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02 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: love2cook
I was thrilled to find this recipe! I wanted a healthier version of mayo, but don't care for the healthier store versions. In reading the other reviews, I was cautious about the lemon juice, so I added 1 tsp at a time. I actually liked the 2tsp. I used stevia(trying to cut out sugar) and canola oil. Next time, I plan to try olive oil. When I took it out of the blender(mine's not the best of blenders), the mayo was a bit lumpy. I stirred it a bit with a whisk and it turned out nice and smooth. Best of all, it tastes great Will certainly make again. Thanks for sharing!****Don't waste your time trying to make with olive'll turn out me!!
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16 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: JillH
Great recipe! I tried making this in my blender; however, the consistency was too clumpy (I have a high-capacity Kitchen Aid blender). I started over and just used my electric hand mixer, and the consistency was exactly like store bought. Thanks so much for sharing!
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04 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: TRIBE8FAN
I have tried a couple other recipes, but this is pretty close to Hellman's, which is my favorite mayo. It was super easy and will be made again.
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27 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: Meadow Brady
Great for baking or mixing into Egg Salad. I used extra virgin olive oil which gave it an oily tast. But was perfect and much more healthy then store brand for my egg salad.
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16 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: GEFOX3
This did not work out for me- probably because my blender only knows one speed- liquefy. Mine came out separated, not smooth like it should.
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20 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: nashira
I just made this and it worked great! I'm alergic to egg yokes and lemons, so I was looking for a recipe that did not require yokes. I substituted lime juice for the lemon juice and used Macadamia nut oil. The lime is not as strong as lemon, so maybe next time I will use a little bit more....but very happy with the results. I made this in my Kitchen Aid food processor (which I have reviewed on" - it's a terrible food processor - don't buy it! But I was able to make it work by using a piece of scotch tape over the drip hole - I simple put a tiny hole in the scotch take and it worked beautifully, and effortlessly! Thank you for this wonderful recipe! I will never buy mayo from the store again (they're all full of soy anyway - another alergy item).
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12 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: Jessicaloves2cook
I recently became allergic to egg yolk due to "bird egg syndrome"-- totally weird thing.... anyway! I love mayo and cannot have uncooked egg yolk (not even scrambled egss!)--- I JUST made this. It took about 30 seconds and is absolutely delicious. Takes and looks just like mayonaise. I didn't even use mustard powder. Pumped to put this on a sandwich!
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02 Jan 2010
Reviewed by: dsmall
Great recipe. Made it in my Cuisinart food processor, and it was super fast and easy! I had made homemade eggnog for my son, so I had 10 egg whites that I need to use up and was out of mayo. This was the only mayo recipe I found that used only the egg white. May try it with olive oil next time and see how we like that. Well one egg white down, 9 to go!
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