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5-minute Chicken and Vegetable Noodle Soup

This chicken and noodle soup is spiced with turmeric, chilli paste and ginger, flavoured with soy sauce and made in a snap.
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10 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: BK
This soup is amazing. This is a new favorite in our home. The only thing I do not add is chicken broth. That's because I use bone-in chicken breasts so that it makes it's own broth. I first sear the chicken and cook until it starts getting color, then I add garlic and ginger, and turmeric until fragrant. Then the chili paste (I use the garlic chili pase with the rooster on it-yum!) Then I add soysauce, sugar, and water enough to cover the chicken, cover and boil until chicken is done. It gets all the flavor in the meat. Then remove and shred the meat off the bone. Return to pot and after returning to med. boil add the celery and lettuce as directed, and YUM! Separately I have cooked chinese noodles from the Asian asle. Perfect! very healthy too. Great for warding off a cold
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28 Apr 2018
Reviewed by: Katrina Steimel
This was incredible. Like others we added mushrooms and carrots. I used chicken thighs cooked in sesame oil. And we used candle instead of lettuce. It was incredible!
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24 Oct 2017
Reviewed by: RDRR02
Love Love Love! Perfect as written. I enjoyed the added texture of celery crunch! I had a lot of spinach but used the mixed salad (iceberg, romaine, radishes, carrots, and snow peas) I had on hand. Chopped fine as instructed, sans snow peas, and the Fam loved it. Thanks!
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11 Jun 2017
Reviewed by: Do0dells
Delicious, at first the smell slightly put me off, and the sesame oil was overpowering. Shouldn't have been worried at all, was great. Quick and easy to make, will be making this again.
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11 Apr 2017
Reviewed by: Kitty
Very good recipe, i would reduce the sugar. Definitely will make it again
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10 Jan 2017
Reviewed by: cupcakequeen26
So uh, great soup! Heads up white people, don't add ALL the chili paste. I added extra ginger and sugar. Really good soup though!
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26 Aug 2016
Reviewed by: Klusiaczek
Delicious. True-it's slightly dark in colour, but the balance of sweet and salty taste is perfect. I like the fact the soup isn't too watery. My husband who really doesn't like soups, especialy those watery ones- asked for another portion-massive success ๐Ÿ˜‰
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31 Jan 2016
Reviewed by: kitkat
A new favorite! My entire family rated it 5 stars. I made it "as is" except I cooked the chicken at the beginning with the spices then added the broth, etc. I thought the celery, lettuce, everything was perfect. Perfect flavor.
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30 Jan 2016
Reviewed by: mrscrazyed
DH couldn't say enough good things about this soup -- and he's not very generous with high compliments. I used samba oelek (Asian chile paste) which, with the numeric, gave it wonderful flavor and spice. It wasn't too spicy for us, but can see where sensitive palates might want to cut down on the chile paste. Just don't omit it altogether. Instead of celery and lettuce, I used spinach, and used Oriental-style noodles instead of raman. Used all the same proportions, got six servings instead of eight. Thanks, sal, for a great soup!
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04 Nov 2015
Reviewed by: Fermata4638
I had high hopes for this but I didn't care for it at all. The soy sauce was overpowering and it was far too salty.
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