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Bananas with Creamy Caramel Sauce

Bananas are cooked in caramel and cream in this easy dessert. It is great served with ice cream. Also excellent with pancakes or waffles.
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08 Jun 2013
Reviewed by: Melaigoo
im hardly ever bothered to write a reveiw but i just had to for this recipe. THE SAUCE WAS DELICIOUS AND SO EASY TO MAKE! I added the sauce to fresh crepes and it was a crowd pleaser. Licked plates all round!
12 Jun 2014
Reviewed by: FuyanaWife
I made this for my husband's birthday breakfast this morning to go over his waffles and he loved it! We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and they had a banana caramel sauce that he couldn't get over and he said this one was almost just like it! I used regular sugar and it was fine.
21 Jun 2006
oh my! I just made the caramel sauce to go with a different dessert and this is absolutely scrumptious! If one is fairly experienced at homemade fudge and candy making, this should not be a problem. I didn't have heavy cream so substituted 1 cup evaporated milk and it still came out wonderful. Smooth as silk and oh so creamy! The key here is patience. Make sure your butter/sugar mixture is dark brown in color. Once you add the liquid, that is the color it will be. Use medium high heat and stir continuously so sugar can dissolve and continue stirring until butter starts to brown. The butter will separate from the sugar; don't are almost there. Lower heat and continue stirring until it is dark caramel in color. Add liquid slowly. The sugar will set up again but don't worry. Just stir, stir, stir and it will all reincorporate. Bring to a rolling boil. Once I did this, I realized that the consistency was too thin so I just continued cooking at medium heat until it reached a nice consistency. I know I will have to give what I don't use away, as I don't trust myself. Wonderful sauce! Just be patient and don't be afraid to try it with evaporated milk.
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23 Aug 2008
Reviewed by: gapch1026
To save some time and eliminate some of the stirring, try using brown sugar and sour cream. Just add about 1/3 cup each (for 2 bananas) and stir into the melted butter until bubbly. Absolutely delicious garnished with cashews and drizzled with chocolate sauce.
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16 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: MYKIDSMOM5
I am just dizzy with happiness! This is just delicious! I didn't use super fine sugar and it worked great! It will seperate from the butter and won't come together until you start to slowly add the cream. (Stir it constantly!) It took me about 10 minutes until the sugar became smooth and brown. I don't think it's that long of a time! Soooooo wonderful on vanilla ice cream! Not grainy at all. And it's sweet but hello...we're talking caramel sauce here.
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31 Mar 2008
Reviewed by: jstacy1
I loved this...delish! I halved the recipe to begin with, it makes a ton of sauce. The trick is to keep on stirring, no matter what. It will come together. In the past I have made caramel sauce with sugar water and cream. This version is much richer tasting. A keeper for sure.
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06 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: Chelsea
OMG. I just made this (at 10:49pm) for myself (no one else is home tonight) so I scaled down the recipe to 1 banana. H_E_A_V_E_N. I had all the stuff at home except super fine sugar so I pulsed regular sugar in the food processor till fine. Thank you so much, Loved it!
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30 Dec 2010
These were great. I used brown sugar instead of fine sugar, you don't really need fine sugar, plus the brown sugar gave a caramel color to it without needing to cook very long. Use low heat with the sugar. Make sure your bananas are ripe but not too ripe. Also the sauce is plenty, and you can add two or more bananas if you like. And I did let it boil a little bit longer. And the sauce is thick enough, and it can be used as a single dessert by itself! Super delicious!!!!
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30 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: DonnaBell
Great recipe with so little effort. I used the review suggestion using brown sugar and sour cream. The recipe took about 10 minutes to prepare and that included heating the bananas in the mixture. This will certainly impress your guests and my husband loved it!
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12 May 2002
Reviewed by: CookieMonkey
I wasn't too pleased with this recipe. The sugar takes a long time to cook depending on the pan. This is NOT a good recipe for small or unsupervised children because in order to caramelize sugar, you have to heat it to over 230 degrees, which is "third degree burn" hot. Plus once the butter sugar mixture begins browning, you still have to add the cream and let that simmer for quite a while to break up the caramel that solidifys when you add the cream. Taste wise, it's very good but its a little grainy.
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