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Asparagus Wrapped in Crisp Prosciutto

Extremely easy entrée. Asparagus spears are wrapped in a sheath of prosciutto, then baked until crispy. A great dish to make ahead, and bake just before serving.
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07 Jun 2006
Reviewed by: Caroline C
This was the first proscuitto and asparagus recipe I ever made, and I can't say we were terribly impressed with my first attempt. The prosciutto I buy is quite thin but rather large, and I soon discovered that there was WAY too much proscuitto for each spear - it was way too salty, it overwhelmed the taste of the asparagus, and it took so long to crisp up that the asparagus got soggy. We much prefer it when I just use a very thin ribbon of proscuitto per spear, or better still, use the 'Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus' recipe on this site, which uses a thicker ribbon of proscuitto and a little blob of cream cheese per bundle of spears.(For 5 stars, simmer the spears in boiling salted water 'til they turn bright green, immerse in iced water, then proceed with the recipe. It will stay beautifully crisp and green)
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11 Aug 2005
Reviewed by: MOLLE888
I wrapped my asparagus spears in posciutto that was smeared with cream cheese. I baked the goodies in an oven at 450 for 10 minutes and served. I wrapped the prosciutto and cream cheese around a few asparagus spears (2 or 3). It was outstanding.
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19 Sep 2006
Reviewed by: Noodles
I made these for a housewarming party and all the guests raved! I did add a small dollop of cream cheese to the prosciutto as I wrapped,and this held everything together nicely. I also only used half a piece and it was plenty. Yum Yum!
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07 Jun 2006
Reviewed by: JOSIE
This was the first time I've attempted making these appetizers...and alas, I did find them a bit on the salty side, BUT...we still ate everyone of them. I used a whole slice of prosciutto...I read where only using half would could down on the satiness. Might go that route next time. My asparagus was rather thin in that could be another reason. The last few minutes, I popped them under the broiler...just to make sure they were crispy. Almost went with Taylor's suggestion to add Parm....but dedcided against it at the last minute! We enjoyed these and thankx for sharing your recipe.
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07 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: MttaLeslie
This is a wonderful appetizer, partly because it's so easy to do. I always use 1/2 slice prosciutto to cut salt and cost, and it's never been a problem. We also frequently grill them AND shave fresh parm over warm spears. The cheese puts this yummy clear over the top!
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29 Mar 2005
Reviewed by: VORCHA
Instead of serving this as an appetizer, I served this as a side dish for Easter dinner. Went wonderful with the ham and other spring vegetables and I was able to prepare it the night before, making it one less thing for me to rush to do before dinner. My only changes was grating fresh Parmesan cheese and fresh cracked pepper over the bundles before serving.
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16 Aug 2005
Reviewed by: KRANEY
Very easy! I found that to make the prosciutto crispy, it overbakes the asparagus, so don't worry about making it crispy. Still tastes great! Thanks for the recipe!
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30 Dec 2007
Reviewed by: Leslie Sullivan
We wrapped some of the asparaus in prociutto, some in very thin sliced black forest ham, and some in thin sliced bacon. It was all amazing!
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23 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: KLBUMB
Delicious!! Super easy and really tasty. The asparagus is crisy and the prosciutto adds just the right amount of salt AND it's a good way to use up leftover prosciutto! Note to those counting Weight Watcher points, each roll is only one point!
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07 Jun 2006
Reviewed by: Momof2
Made this for hubby....not for me (don't like it). He really liked this. I added some whole garlic cloves to the olive oil and added some parmesan cheese after it was done baking. He asked me to keep the recipe on file. Thanks for the post.
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