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Microwave Asparagus and Onion Soup

This a great velvety asparagus soup made in the microwave.It has a a lovely green colour and is great with crunchy rolls.
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19 Apr 2009
Reviewed by: Soup Loving Nicole
I get so tickled at reading the reviews and this recipe is a classic example. If this entire batch of soup is too high in fat and sodium than I must be a terribly unhealthy cook. Since when is 1 cup of 1% milk and a dash of garlic salt entirely too fattening/sodium for 4 servings of soup? That is just funny to me. I made this soup tonight with some asparagus I had bought at the store that was going bad and a few sprigs from my pathetic garden and I DID use chicken broth (not by any means a vegetarian) and because I like things a little spicy I added some spices that gave it some heat (personal prerference is all). I had something else lined out for dinner (hubby hates asparagus) but I did taste this as I was putting it in my to-go container for tomorrows lunch and it was so good that I made the hubby taste a little spoonful and his reply was, "I hate aspargus and I'm not a big fan of soup but this isn't all too bad". This is a very simple,easy, and extremely fast base to work with if you like asparagus. Get creative and add things you like. And please, don't go giving it a bad review because you don't like asparagus. HELLO!
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04 Jun 2006
Reviewed by: Jen
I used the chicken broth and fat free evaporated milk for more "creaminess" and less fat and calories - I love this recipe and can't get enough!
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16 Mar 2002
Reviewed by: MOLSON7
This was quick and easy without a doubt. It wasn't bad. alittle too thin for my liking.
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24 Feb 2002
Reviewed by: PHENILA
I made this totally vegan by substituting olive oil for the butter and soy milk for the cow's milk. It was outstandingly delicious.
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01 Jul 2001
The recipe can be modified by adding herbs such as lemon balm, bay leaf or thyme, and reducing the amount of sodium. The sodium and fat content are too high. Lemon pepper would also taste good in this soup.( without the salt)
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10 May 2007
Reviewed by: beth
I had a fantastic asparagus soup at a restuarant I went to and I really wanted to try making one on my own. This was really good!
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16 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: Amanda J.
This recipe is so easy and so versatile. I love to play around with it by adding different things such as red bell pepper sauteed over the stove with the onion and parmesan cheese pureed in. I think it needs more than a dash of garlic, and fresh garlic makes it wonderful. Will definately use this recipe again, thank you!
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12 Mar 2010
SazaUK said:
Used different ingredients. I added courgettes to this soup as well and cooked it in a saucepan rather than the microwave.
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02 Jun 2005
Reviewed by: SPICYMARIKA
Lovely summer soup. Used olive oil instead of butter, and served with a dollop of sour cream. Mmmmmmmm.... Very fast to prepare, too!
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01 Sep 2008
I needed to use up some heavy cream so that was about 3/4 cup of naughty there. I made stove top and my veg broth kept reducing so I added more as I went. Really heavy on the "dash" of white pepper and garlic powder and added probably a half teaspoon of fresh garlic also. Topped with smoked paprika. Delish.
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