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Nell's Scones as Used by Sally

This is the best scone recipe I have ever used. A dear lady many years ago when I was newly married shared this recipe with me and I love it. She inspired me to keep on cooking and trying out recipes.
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26 Jun 2010
anabela said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Needed to add about one more cup of flour
06 Jun 2010
free1 said:
Altered ingredient amounts. You may need to add a little more flour is mixture is too "wet". This receipe is easily doubled and cooked scones freeze well. We always have some in freezer for when expected visitors call in for a cuppa
11 Jul 2010
free1 said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Thanks anabela - you're right. I guess I just make them without thinking about how much more flour I add. If you aren't exact with liquid measurements especially you might need to adjust flour accordingly. They are a great receipe to double etc and also a hit when you have a large number of people to cater for.
09 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: cillamail
I have never made scones before and wanted a basic recipe. I forgot to buy the natural yogurt and so I replaced it with magarine instead and crossed my fingers. They turned out great! I did find that I added a fair bit more flour at the mixing and kneading stages as it was quite sticky. But apart from that, I found it very easy! I have been eating these for breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea and desert I can't wait to teach my neice next time she comes over!
13 Jun 2011
cwillems said:
Any suggestions for a replacement for the runny cream? More milk or yoghurt perhaps?


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