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Fried Eggplant Balls

A creative way to eat eggplant - like vegetarian meatballs. Crumbed snack sized eggplant balls that can be eaten with your favourite dip.
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31 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: marathonmama
I thought these were yummy! I pureed the eggplant after it was cooked, skipped the green peppers because I was out of them, used more cheese- about 3/4 cup, doubled the eggs (both for in the balls and in the dipping process- 4 total), and used whole wheat bread crumbs. I did need more bread crumbs for the dipping (about double). My toddlers thought these were chicken nuggets and dipped them in ketchup- which tasted good to me too. next time I will try them with the green pepper or double the paprika. good!
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25 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: goldenretangie
I followed the recipe but after I fried the eggplant balls I drained them well on paper towels. I then put jared pasta sauce in a shallow baking dish and added the eggplant balls top with shredded cheese of your choice and bake at 375 for 30 min. Serve with whole grain pasta. Sooooooo Goooood
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23 Mar 2004
Reviewed by: brielove
We just got done eating these for dinner & could not wait to get online & review these...YUMMY! I had an eggplant I did not know what to do with & it was getting old. Came online & looked up recipes last night & found this - I had all the ingredients already so it was perfect. I did the advance work last night & then put it in the fridge. Rolled them & cooked them tonight. My husband is out late so he didn't get to try them but my 22 month old twins LOVED them, and the big surprise was my son who normally will not allow a veggie to pass his lips! Some things I changed - I used fresh wholewheat breadcrumbs I ground in my food processor - I used about 5 slices. I needed more egg in the dipping procedure & I also added more cheese than it called for - I am going to guess I added almost 3/4 cup. This made them perfect. Thanks so much for this recipe!!!
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14 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: Alannah
These were amazing! I fed them to a picky guest who claims to be a carnivore and he took seconds. Great recipe, I didn't change anything except I needed more egg and breadcrumbs for dipping than the recipe calls for. I would also increase the paprika next time, but overall, they were great and I will make eggplant a regular on my grocery list! Thanks for the great recipe! Just a thought- if you substantially change a recipe (like baking instead of frying and not using the egg coating) it doesn't make sense to give the original recipe a bad review based on your own alterations, especially when the majority of the reviews for the original are positive.
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05 Jul 2011
Reviewed by: styrofoamplates
the idea i think is good but first of all the eggplant taste gets lost in the pepper, onion and bread crumbs. Second boiling the eggplant puts way too much water into this recipe. The second time i made these i broiled the eggplant and seasoned it lightly with garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper and i put it in the food processor with ~1 cup bread crumbs. then i made the balls and just rolled them in flour (no egg or crumbs on the outside). i baked them to reduce the calories and i thought they were delicious with some marinara sauce.
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25 Feb 2004
Reviewed by: Arcticwoman
Wonderful! I had to add a bit more bread crumbs to make the texture stiffer, but I may not have drained the eggplant thoroughly. Drain the egplant REALLY well and you might not have to add the extra. Very tasy way to use eggplant thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!
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29 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: sharei
This recipe truely deseves ***** stars. It is simple enough for beginners and pro cooks. I made this reipe and my family loved it. I added more cheese and breadcrumbs for an firmer mix.
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24 Nov 2005
Reviewed by: CHEZSHELL
Excellent! The batter smelled great and they tasted just as great. I served them to my boyfriends family and everyone loved them. It was easy to make too.
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15 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: blueyedbrea
My husband and I loved this recipe. I had 4 eggplants one of the doctors at work had given me and had to find a way to use them. The hubbs isn't a fan of eggplant parmesan and I wanted something different than I've been preparing them. The only thing I didn't put in was the bell pepper because hubby doesn't care for it. I added a little onion and garlic powder to the mix and instead of just bread crumbs also added some crushed ritz crackers to give it a buttery flavor. They turned out great! I actually served them with curried coconut chicken and rice and they went together very well. The sauce from the chicken was very tasty with the eggplant balls. I made a quadruple batch of mix and froze a couple of bowls of it to use as a quick side dish or appetizer later. Thanks for the awesome recipe! Love the creative way of utilizing a veggie that can be difficult to work with. Will definitely keep this one handy.
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08 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: belle4397
I am rating this purely on taste, because I didn't quite follow the directions. I tried making patties out of them, and instead of breading and frying, I baked them. They were way too soggy for that to work and they fell totally apart. However, they tasted really good! Next time I will try adding the flour to the mix before trying to bake them. I'd still rather have them in patties and baked rather than fried, and they did taste really good.
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