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Chilli Chicken Burgers

These burgers are slightly spicy, served with salsa, lettuce and cheese on a bun. I came up with the idea for these burgers one night when I was feeling really creative, and they were a huge hit with my family.
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23 Oct 2017
Reviewed by: Aaron A
I am a beef guy. Rare to find a burger made with chicken or turkey that I find memorable or comparable. That being said, this burger was simple and quite tasty! I used turkey cause that’s what was on sale and what a success. The avocado “spread” had a little spice and was a perfectly mild condiment to the burger. I did add lime juice to ensure it didn’t turn brown but not enough to taste. The cheddar cheese, meh, not sure it really added anything. I may go cheeseless next time or go for something a little different like gouda. Have a thermometer handy and pull off the grill at 165, let them rest and you will have actually JUICY burgers, even using chicken or turkey. Awesome recipe thanks for sharing!
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25 Jun 2017
Reviewed by: kathy
Very good! I made it with turkey instead of chicken but followed recipe, came out moist and flavorful. I didn't use cheese or bread because my we are on a diet but still came out amazing.
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07 May 2017
Reviewed by: cher
Loved this recipe, juicy, tangy, will definitely make again.
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05 May 2017
Reviewed by: Fran RBabe
My family loved it and I will definitely make it again. As usual I had to make a few changes due to lack of the same ingredients. I had ground turkey and beef flavored onion soup mix and it turned out very flavorful.
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07 Aug 2015
Reviewed by: just_jam
OMG this was beyond awesome.. i basically just made the burger patty.. subbed ground turkey for the chicken, one mexican onion for the three green onions, 1.5 tsp kosher salt for the table salt, 2 cloves of garlic for the garlic powder, and 2 red baby jalapenos (seeds, vein and all) from our pepper plant for the regular jalapeno.. reduced the oregano (mexican oregano) to 1/2 tsp.. i added 1/2 tsp each of cumin and chili powder as others suggested.. i absolutely loved this.. ty so much for the recipe
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02 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: Kagsy
These are delicious! I thought I lost the recipe and was so sad, but my darling husband remembered the ingredients. These are great, you can leave off the avocado and they still have nice flavor for non quac fans.
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17 May 2011
Reviewed by: BETLUU
Good recipe. I left out oregano because I'm not big on it, and used Mrs Dash fiesta lime seasonings, but the recipe is a really good flavor. Thanks
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05 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: pete4vol
For the ingredients in this I was a little disappointed. I felt it was a little bland considering what went into it. I also found that ground chicken is actually rather difficult to come by, might use ground turkey next time instead.
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30 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: Hannah
I made these awesome burgers just the other night and I will definitely be making them again!
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31 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: Brian Muller
Excellent recipe! I did add some bread crumbs to help them stick together better and it was fine. Be sure to use grill spray or these WILL stick to the grill and fall apart.
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