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Corn and Tortellini Soup

Using premade cheese tortellini you can make this super easy and zesty meal in no time. Delicious and healthy!
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21 Nov 2004
Reviewed by: MATTIMEO
Excellent! It was declared "one of the best soups ever" by my partner. I modified a bit and used vege broth instead of chicken broth (we don't eat meat) and added some fresh basil at the end! A total keeper! The second time I made this I omitted the tortellini and added shrimp (we do eat seafood)-- also a total hit! Thanks, Katie!!
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02 Jun 2012
Reviewed by: Sarah Jo
I did not have a red onion, I used a sweet onion instead. I also threw in some chopped red pepper, fresh minced garlic and a cup of chopped fresh mushrooms. I did choose to drain and rinse my canned corn. I served this soup with homemade Red Lobster-type biscuits, which the boys used to sop up the remaining broth in their bowls. Very filling and satisfying soup--the extra added vegetables made it even more so. Even my kids enjoyed it, we all thought this is most definitely a make again meal.
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08 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: Heather Joy
I have never enjoyed a new recipe this much before, I was so surprised I actually made involuntary yummy noises! I did make a couple substitutions: instead of sugar and hot sauce I added about 1/3 cup ketchup and chili pepper flakes, I also didn't have wine in the house so skipped that. I did add the corn but will probably go with garbanzo beans next time to cut down the sweetness. I forgot to add the parmesan, probably because it tasted so good I didn't think it needed anything else. I'm already excited for leftovers for lunch tomorrow!
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03 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: Jen Boner
I made this recipe as listed with no changes. My husband liked it enough to keep a bowl for leftovers the next day. I didn't save the rest. I am not a tomato soup lover and this was definitely a tomato soup.
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13 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: ceebee
This soup is really yummy. I think that adding the Parmesan to the soup while it's cooking is the kicker for this recipe. It gives it really good flavor. (Of course I always add a little on top in the bowl too!). I used low sodium broth because of my diet and it tasted fine. Even my little guy who doesn't eat soup enjoyed a bowl and for me, that is always a plus!
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17 Mar 2001
Reviewed by: VANDEHEI
I made this soup for a Lenten soup supper and it was a hit! Unfortunately, I never got a chance to try it, but everyone else loved it! It was the first soup to go!
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03 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: chicklet
This was certainly easy enough but we just did not like it. It was a little on the sweet side with the sugar and the corn. I don't like sweetness in my soup. I think if there were more veggies it might have made it better. My family ate it but no one really enjoyed it.
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04 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: jessy james
so delish! i added a bit more broth, wine, and garlic, and italian seasoning and it turned out AMAZING!! salt and pepper to taste and a nice hot baguette for dipping....perfect fall meal!
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06 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: Alesha
YUMM!!!! This really is super easy and had a fantastic flavor! I didn't have hot pepper sauce, but didn't miss it either. I used tomatoes with basil and garlic since that is what I had on hand and that was wonderful. Highly recommend this. Hubby (nor I for that matter) are big on tomato-based soups, but this one is the exception! Thanks for a great recipe!
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30 Dec 2011
Reviewed by: wanderer
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