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Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana Milkshake

A wonderful milkshake that can easily be adapted for low-sugar diets. My mother got me started on this 20 years ago. I rarely add sugar, but I realise that some people enjoy a bit more sweetness. You can substitute orange juice for milk if you like.
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19 Apr 2004
Reviewed by: Mrs_Mike
This is fairly simple to change to a low carb, low sugar drink. I substituted non-fat half and half for the milk, and splenda for the table sugar. I used 1 packet of splenda, since I find it to be very sweet. I also used baking cocoa, rather thank chocolate drink mix, and it was yummy. You do have to blend this very well with these changes, but if you're on a low carb, low sugar diet, this is fabulous.
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08 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: OLYA
I was looking for a milkshake that didn't have ice cream in it as we were out of it =) Very tasty, very airy and light milkshake. Good taste. I didn't use straight strawberries, but blueberries and cranberries as well - I had a mixed packet =) Came out gorgeous! I also added more banana and chocolate. The way it is right now, is (as author said) a bit less sweet than most milkshakes =)
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22 Sep 2003
Reviewed by: Marni
My family really enjoyed this milkshake. It is filling enough to satisfy the kids after a day at the pool, or as an afterschool snack. I use ovaltine mix as it was what I usually have on hand.
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06 May 2001
Reviewed by: STRAWBERRY27
Quick and very easy recipe. It has a good texture and tastes great!
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03 Aug 2004
i really liked it, but i used the real stuff, like real milk, sugar, exc. i think it made it a little better
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06 Aug 2005
Reviewed by: LINDA MCLEAN
Really yummy! I made this for breakfast using sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfast. I've also used Ovaltine. Thanks Denise!
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21 Feb 2004
Reviewed by: STEVE28
This recipe was great. I didn't use the banana so it had more of a strawberry flavor, but it was very good.
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15 Sep 2004
Reviewed by: PASTAPASTA
It was good but not that great. I added more strawberries and more vanilla extract for more taste.
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20 Jul 2004
Reviewed by: pigmrtn
pretty good considering its got barely any fat or sugar in it
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29 Feb 2004
Reviewed by: HOMECOOKER33
delish came out very very good! wouldnt change a thing!
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