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Chicken and Veggie Pasta Salad

Packed with chicken, crisp vegetables, pasta and Asian flavours this is a great salad recipe to make for your next barbecue. You can serve it warm or cold.
Reviews (16)

31 May 2002
Reviewed by: MOLSON7
I cut down on the salt and oil. This was ok but i won't make it again. I did like the addition of cauliflower.
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28 Aug 2001
Reviewed by: KILIKINI1
I tried this recipe, but modified it as well. I added water chestnuts, bean sprouts, regular white onion, celery, pea pods but eliminated the cauliflower. I still found it a little bland so I added a little bit of sauteed chopped garlic to the mix and it did the trick. Also, instead of water I used homemade roasted chicken juice/grease and used less oil. I served it over Chinese Noodles (Pancit Canton). My husband actually went back for thirds saying, "Wow, this is Good!"
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07 May 2001
Reviewed by: HMCER
I used the basics of this recipe to adapt to the ingredients I had in house. I used chopped baby carrots and jullienned zucchini with fresh garlic and vermicelli. The soy and sesame was the same and I also grilled the chicken and served it sliced on top. Yummy!
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22 Sep 2000
This was really good. I did change the recipe a little though. As part of the sesame oil, I used hot chili sesame oil. I added some crushed red pepper. I also added cashews. I used less chicken, because I like veggies. Yummy!
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03 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: Butterfly Flutterby
This was very good. I thought it was a bit bland so I added chopped, white onion and minced garlic. I agree that this is good hot or cold. This is easily customizable. Thanks.
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02 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: Chelsey Wolnowski
Very cool recipe! I served it with some BBQed chicken, and it went really well
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23 May 2004
Reviewed by: JULIEG13
My family loves this salad! My daughter requests this all the time. I usually have to double the recipe so I can enjoy some the next day!
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18 Feb 2002
My husband and I thought this was a little on the bland side, but our 3 year old loved it.
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28 Apr 2009
Reviewed by: OlderNBetter
I substituted bok choy for the cauliflower, and replaced the dry ginger 2 T pickled shredded ginger, which I find to be far more pungent. And I added 1/4 C of teriyaki sauce, which has some sweet overtones in it. It really spiced up the recipe, and everyone (young and old) thought it was pretty 'neat!'
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09 Nov 2003
Reviewed by: MCCOOL
love it!
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