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Feta and Sun-Dried Tomato Angel Hair Pasta

My husband begs me to make this dish. It is a surprisingly great mixture of flavours. You'll love it! Feel free to tailor the ingredient amounts to your taste. This is how we like it, but it is quite flexible.
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23 Apr 2003
Reviewed by: JPMAXMAN
Excellent! This recipe was a hit at a recent family gathering. I modified in the following way with incredible results! 1. Added minced serrano peppers for a little spice. 2. Sprinkled the cilantro and added a little mozeralla on top then put in the oven at 200 for about 15-20 min. This produced a nice effect with melted cheese and added color for serving. Great recipe - thanks a million!
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27 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: COLLEENS2
Excellent! Very tasty and easy to make.
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04 Sep 2002
Reviewed by: embeau
everyone loved it...highly recommended and easy to prepare!
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18 Apr 2002
Reviewed by: SONIA L. CARVALHO
We all enjoyed this dish very much. I thought I would have trouble with the sundried tomatoes but, they were great. The combination of chesses were very tasty. Great dish, fast. Garlic bread and a green salad went well. A dish we will eat over and over again.
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08 Mar 2002
Iused peeled and chopped fresh roma tomatoes and briefly sauted the garlic, then added just a little goat cheese. It was great! My TEENAGE boys ate it up and said "keep this one".
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14 May 2001
Reviewed by: SVPORTER
My husband LOVED this. His mother, who owns a pasta restaurant, is going to add this to her menu with shrimp. I thought it was pretty good, but the ingredients don't mix in well with the pasta, it kind of lumps together.
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19 Sep 2001
Reviewed by: JEN MICHEL
I made this dish for my boyfriend on his birthday- he absolutely loved it. I made a few changes, though- Instead of cilantro, I used basil. I added pine nuts & more roma tomatoes. I thought the feta was great- I wouldn't take it out. This recipie has become one of my alltime favorites
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27 Apr 2002
Reviewed by: RETDITTO
Great flavor, but not so easy to mix. I added more olive oil but still had trouble mixing. The cheeses seemed to clump together. I mixed and mixed until my pasta was just bits and pieces. No one else seemed to have this problem, so it must have been something I did wrong. Any suggestions anyone? Overall though quite tasty; will try again.
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11 Apr 2001
Reviewed by: SPEED
This is a great and tasty recipe. Several of my friend's are now making it. It's quick, easy and delious.
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04 Sep 2001
Reviewed by: AMALEIGH
During my first time ever to cook I used this recipe. It's wonderful! My family loves it!
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