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Beef and Mushroom Stuffed Capsicums

A delicious variation of stuffed capsicums. If you don't like the rice in normal stuffed capsicums you will love this one!
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01 Oct 2017
Reviewed by: Mike96
Great but I used minced pork instead of beef. This results in more fat, but it also improves the flavour of the capsicums. Before this I did not cook the stuffed capsicums for as long as one hour, but that is definitely better.
10 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: Jillian
Great recipe - It was an Italian twist on traditional stuffed peppers and a nice change from my usual "rice and beef" version. I used 1 & 1/2 lbs. of lean ground beef and italian style bread crumbs. I left out the mushrooms (personal preference for my husband). After cutting and cleaning the peppers I always boil them for about three minutes to get them a little soft so you don't end up with hard shells at the end of the cooking process. Instead of jarred spaghetti sauce, I used an old favorite "Best Marinara Sauce Yet" from this site and added it to the peppers before they went into the oven. I don't bother with cooking them with the tops. These came out so good. I served them with "Garlic Mashed Potatoes" from this site.
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12 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: naples34102
Hubs and I SO enjoyed this! Like eating a big, delicious meatball in a sweet pepper! We're watching carbs where we can so I cut back on the bread crumbs a little. I found I was glad I did, carb watching or not. The full half cup of crumbs would have been a little too much filler for me. I cut back on the Parmesan cheese as well - a little goes a long way. I also found that, just as with meatballs, I had to moisten the mixture up a bit with a little milk. Rather than the Italian seasoning I used fresh Italian flat-leaf parsley, fresh oregano and some dried basil, but I have no doubt the Italian seasoning would have been equally as good. I chose to use red, orange and yellow peppers both for their vibrant color as well as their more mellow, sweeter flavor. Everything worked well here, all ingredients perfectly suited to each other. Loved the addition of the mushrooms as well as the mozzarella. I halved the peppers lengthwise and, as I always do with stuffed peppers, blanched them for about three minutes before filling and baking them. Finally, rather than the jarred spaghetti sauce I used my tomato sauce I put up from my garden. If you use the jarred stuff, I'd recommend a simple marinara rather than something heavily seasoned. Normally I'd serve this with mashed potatoes or, considering the Italian slant in this recipe, pasta, but in keeping with our carb watching, I served it with some leftover "Whipped Butternut Squash," recipe also from this site. Excellent.
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05 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: Darcy Hafler
Definitely a great rendition of the original as I am not a fan of rice. I did make a couple of changes and cooked the ground beef, onions & garlic first to avoid the chance of it not being done (& helped reduce the fat). I then added 1/4 c. italian seasoned bread crumbs & omitted the egg & italian seasoning. I also added the sauce to ground beef when I mixed it w/ the remaining ingredients. Cut the cooking time to 45 mins and it turned out awesome.
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26 Aug 2008
Reviewed by: dak6283
These were great, I stuffed both red and green bell peppers since that was what we had. I dont know if I had small peppers, but I ended up needing 7 peppers so I could use up all the filling. Next time I think I would use a leaner hamburger, we had 80/20 on hand the the peppers oozed grease when cut into. They tatsted excellent after being reheated for lunch.
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19 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: Michael E
Really delicious dish. Used turkey instead of beef. A little difficult to determine when meat was thorougly cooked. Not recommended as leftovers. But right out of the oven, it was very, very tasty.
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04 Dec 2007
Reviewed by: teachme
Definitely will make this again. I did add spaghetti sauce to the mixture before I stuffed the peppers. Nice change from the beef and rice mixture.
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16 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: AMBERNPETTY
I changed this up a bit, but it was great, and even my picky 5 year old ate it! Use Italian sausage in place of ground beef, and more mushrooms, it's worth it. I sauteed the mushrooms, onion and garlic in EVO before adding the meat and browning (I too fear undercooking). Add the spaghetti sauce, bread crumbs and cheese, heat and filled the peppers. It was great, and I wish I had made more, I would love another!
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06 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: Densie
My husband thought this would have been really good if the peppers weren't cooked. Also had a hard time getting the meat mixture done. I think next time I make this, I will cook the meat mixture, then stuff in peppers and serve cold.
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13 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: Ms. Christina
I converted this recipe to be gluten-free and dairy-free. My entire family loved this dish-even the toddlers! I did add a few steps to the cooking process like blanching the peppers, browning the onions and ground beef, and adding some spaghetti sauce to the mixture before stuffing the peppers. But I also cut down oven time to 35 minutes, which made up for the extra prep time. The peppers were perfect this way. My first time making stuffed peppers, and I love how easy this was. I will be making this often. Thank you Amanda!
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