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Lemon, Spinach and Chicken Soup

An easy, wonderful chicken soup with a hint of lemon. Enjoy.
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29 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: Andi Gleeson
I love the taste of this soup, but I really think the instructions need some modification so that the rice and spinach aren't overcooked. Next time I will bring the mixture to a boil before adding the rice, then add the rice and simmer for 20 minutes, only adding the spinach in the last five minutes of cooking. I will definitely make this again though -- the flavor is wonderful!
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21 Jan 2002
Reviewed by: Lois Lane
This soup is simple yet so delicious. The lemon makes the broth taste outstanding. (Use only fresh lemon juice.) If you like really tasty soup, then this is it. (And thanks for a rare soup recipe that doesn't use milk or eggs!) I poached the chicken breats in some chicken broth before cutting them up & adding them to soup. I added a little more rice than is mentioned. I used fresh spinach but I think you could easily use frozen & it would come out just as good.
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10 Mar 2006
Reviewed by: Elaine
Just loved this recipe! I couldn't use fresh lemons as recipe & reviewers suggested, which made me wonder if this could actually have been even better! Used 3T concentrated lemon juice which suited my taste buds perfectly. A "touch" of unexpected tang. Also added 2 celery ribs & 1 med. onion both chopped. A few chicken bouillon added as needed. Another reviewer made me think to use brown rice. Even added some of the broth to our dogs dinner bowl to his delight!
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24 Mar 2003
Reviewed by: *CHARISMA*
I thought this soup was very good. I made it with well-seasoned homemade chicken broth, and I did not have fresh spinach on hand, so I used frozen chopped spinach. I can tell that fresh spinach would give it a better flavor, so I will definitely not substitute next time. I served it with a Greek salad and warm, crusty bread, and I think it would also be very good as a first course with fish. Thank you for a flavorful, nutritious soup recipe - I will definitely be making this again.
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29 Nov 2007
Reviewed by: MOIREBRI
I'm giving it five stars because I thought it was absolutely delicious, in addition to being quick, easy, inexpensive, and super healthy! My family, however, probably would only give it three or four. (One thought it had too much chicken; another, too much vegetables!) We are, however, adding this to our cookbook to be made often. (I used brown rice, added to the water once it reached boiling. A couple handfuls of bagged fresh spinach was added toward the end, when we were ready to eat it.)
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02 Mar 2008
Reviewed by: Marcy
Great gluten-free recipe!!! Followed the recipe exactly and we were quite pleased with the results! My husband said it was "excellent" and that he could eat it all week! He even preferred this to a greek lemon chicken soup elsewhere on this site! This was quick and super easy to make. I think it's important that you use fresh lemons and fresh spinach as I did though to get the best flavor. Oh, and don't forget the black pepper, it really does add the perfect finishing touch!
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03 Feb 2007
Reviewed by: Sally
After making it according to the recipe, I then tried it with brown rice. It is delicious and more substantial. Vigorously boil the rice in the water about 30 minutes before adding the other ingredients. A great recipe for leftover chicken. I also use organic frozen chopped spinach rather than fresh. This goes to the e-coli issue plus making it even simpler to assemble.
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12 Aug 2005
Reviewed by: AMBERIU99
I love this soup. It is nice and light. I leave out the spinach and carrots, make a big batch and freeze in individual containers.
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29 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: Amy Schuch
This soup is great! My family makes the classic greek version that includes egg, but in looking at recipes that included it I knew I couldn't be bothered worrying about having the egg curdle. I made it a couple of weeks ago when I had a cold, and now I have the flu and am planning on making it again tonight (yes, I work in a school--hence, the frequent illnesses!). I left out the spinach just b/c I didn't have any and tonight I'll probably just add some scallions. Thanks for the easy, soothing recipe!
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10 May 2005
Reviewed by: FRAMBUESA
This has a nice change of flavor from regular soup. The broth has a really good tang to it from the lemon, and the carrots and spinach make it pretty and taste great. I really wanted to use wild brown rice in this but I didn't have the time to go get some, but I'm sure it'll make this soup even better the next time I make it.
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