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Barbecue Chicken Kebabs with Singapore Sauce

Kebabs with a delicious Asian satay marinade and sauce. Chicken is used here, but beef works equally well.
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07 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: Denise Ellen Pedroza
I didn't thread this on skewers, but instead chopped the meat into bite size pieces before marinating, and then used it as part of a stir fry. This was my first time trying lemon grass, and I loved the taste it gave the marinade. However, it is not very edible on it's own--very very woody. Think of lemon grass like bay leaf, some that adds seasoning, but is never eaten!
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26 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: JARRIE
I made this as the Recipe Exchange Group Recipe for the week of June 21st. Having never eaten satay before, neither I nor my husband know what it "should" be like. With that said, we thought this was a very tasty dinner. Next time I'd omit the onion and replace it with onion powder since I couldn't taste the onion & you don't wind up eating it anyway, why waste an onion when onion powder would work better? In the future I would used dried lemongrass. I can hear the purists squealing now but honestly...I couldn't taste it. Most of us don't live in a place where fresh or frozen lemongrass is available; mine was in those little plastic boxes in the produce section and I think it was inferior. I'm also not sure I'd use turmeric again. It stained my fingernails a weird pumpkin color (It'll wash off!) Lastly I did not pound my chicken, I just cut it into strips and let my husband sort out the cooking times (ha!). Overall we enjoyed this recipe thoroughly, thanks for posting!
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20 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: LED87
I made this tonight with pad thai noodles and the baked egg rolls recipe from this website. I left out the tumeric and cumin just because we dont like those flavors. I added a little fish sauce & lime to the marinade. I only marinated the meat for 1 hour. I grilled chicken and skirt beef on my indoor grill and basted the satay skewers with a peanut satay sauce I made. I lived in Singapore for a year and this was close to what I was looking for!!! Its a keeper!!!
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03 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: Marlena Engstrom
Fabulous flavor, but a bit too salty for my taste. Next time I would not marinate overnight, as I did this time.
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08 Jul 2011
Reviewed by: bevcooks
My husband LOVES this recipe! (I do too) I use sesame oil instead of peanut (allergies) and when I can't find fresh lemongrass I use powdered. I serve them just as chicken breasts, and they're great! Instead of using some of the marinade as dipping sauce, I make my own, and often grill the remaining marinated onions on my george foreman when the chicken is finished. EXCELLENT RECIPE.
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14 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: Bruinlombard
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26 Oct 2014
Reviewed by: dxb625
This recipe is quite authentic, similar in taste to the satay found in singapore. I used kikkoman soy sauce and skipped the salt but it still turned out a little too salty for our liking. Next time I'll try a soy sauce with less sodium. Lemongrass (frozen is okay) and tumeric powder are essential ingredients for the marinade so please do not omit them if possible. It gives the meat that unique flavor and color
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08 Nov 2012
Reviewed by: Nolan Blyth
didnt have tumeric, used fresh ginger and garlic and one full stock of lemon grass per chicken breast. next time add a lil peanut butter perhaps or greek plain yogurt and bake...... overall F**king unreal! better then take out Vietnamese and i love that sh*t..... suggested side : rice or Vermicelli noodle or roasted root veg and onion.
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11 Jun 2017
Reviewed by: CalgaryPT
I've been cooking for 45 yrs. This was one of the worst I have ever attempted. There is a previous review that refers to it as "dry." This person is correct. But more important is balance. The spice medley is correct, but so out of proportion I wondered if there were typos. The TS of Tumeric s/b maybe 1/2 ts and the same for the Cumin. Way, way, too earthy. This recipe could attract camels from afar! Horrible, bitter, unbalanced. If there were a way to select no stars I would.
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15 May 2016
Reviewed by: MamaMaguire
Nothing like satay although I did realise that once I started making them but I thought I'd just make them anyway. My family didn't really enjoy them and the batch that I made only 2 got eaten & the rest went in the bin which is very very unusual for my family.
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