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Red Capsicum Soup with Feta

A quick and easy soup that looks great and tastes delicious! The wonderful colour and mild flavour make it an excellent first course! Reheats nicely in the microwave if you need to prepare a day in advance!
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30 May 2006
Reviewed by: Caroline C
This was good. I roasted my own peppers because I don't much care for the flavor of the stuff from a jar. I would have liked to have included some of the 'fire roasted' peppers from the olive bar at my local Meijer - not only do they taste good, but they make soup an intensely vivid color. I liked the feta, but wonder how this would taste with goat's cheese instead. I think I'll be experimenting with this one. Thanks!
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21 Dec 2007
Reviewed by: LORALEIGH
I'm only giving this recipe 3 stars because it was just OK for me, and if you need something ASAP this works. I found that the flavor was just too one dimensional for me. I don't know what I would do to change it? Use fresh herbs for sure as a start. There are better red pepper soups on this site. This isn't something I would make again unless I was in a real pinch.
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20 Mar 2007
Reviewed by: Jason
This soup saved me on a night where I had 30 minutes between one engagement and the next. I popped everything in the blender and could not believe how tasty everything was and how quickly this all came together. I'd like to add some additional flavor to it, but you won't find anything easier to accompany the boring cold cut sandwich.
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20 Oct 2013
Reviewed by: mkstevens09
I feel more like this is a 3.5 star recipe but I will round up. I made this to be served with grilled cheese sandwiches and it went well with them. However, on its own, the soup feels a little flat and like something is missing. Maybe roasting the peppers myself would have helped, or maybe some fresh herbs or using goat cheese in place of feta as another reviewers have suggested. Now that I am thinking of it, using herbed goat cheese in place of feta just might do the trick... Still, this is an easy, fast soup that we enjoyed with our meal so I will make it again sometime.
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05 Apr 2014
Reviewed by: jbmeakit
I used fresh ingredients: heated one diced potato and 1-1/2 diced bell pepper in olive oil, then added a diced small onion and one large clove garlic and covered it with broth. During the boiling process, I added some grape tomatoes and corn. When the potatoes tested done, I pureed the soup. Salt, pepper, and Italian herbs to taste. Add feta. Et viola! Toddler delight is ready.
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23 Dec 2013
Reviewed by: KKH3
I used whole milk, 1/2 package of feta, and added 1 tablespoon of butter. I pureed the entire thing. Very easy and quick.
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