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BBQ Baked Potatoes

Jazzed-up baked potatoes on the BBQ. Super-simple, super-tasty too.
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23 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: Jillian
Overall, very good. I cut the recipe in half and partially microwaved the potatoes to cut down on cooking time. I upped the garlic a bit and added a little kosher salt to the mix. I love the pairing of fresh rosemary and thyme. These were very good, especially when served with "Grilled Delmonico Steaks" from this site. I think next time though in order to get more of the garlic and herb flavor to come through I might use a foil pan and cube the potatoes then toss them with the olive oil, garlic, herbs and kosher salt and then cook them on the grill.
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09 Oct 2004
Reviewed by: BOGEY
Skins got too burned on the grill (and I love to eat the skins). I do them in the oven - 400 degrees for the same time as the recipe.
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16 Feb 2003
Reviewed by: I'm nuts too...
Since my husband bowls on Friday nights & I wasn't feeling all that great (cold) I made these last night to go with our Valentines steak dinner. They were pretty good, I made them in the microwave (I love my microwave, it has a baked potato button & they "bake" perfect) so I sprayed them with pam cooking spray (instead of the oil) and wrapped them with the other ingredients in waxed paper. The rosemary was very distinct, so I may cut it in 1/2 next time. Thanks Rick!
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12 Apr 2005
Reviewed by: ANTILOPE
This really wakes up a baked potato. I followed the recipe, except I left out the thyme. The rosemary infused its flavor throughout the potato. The olive oil, garlic, pepper and salt added their flavors also. This is really good. I will be making this recipe often.
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04 Jun 2012
Reviewed by: Baking Nana
The flavor of the herbs only flavors the skin but we like the skin. I pre-cooked the potatoes in the microwave because they were really big - double wrapped in heavy foil with the garlic and herbs. This is a nice recipe for summer time grilling. Thanks.
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23 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: Sarah Jo
If you bake these in the oven, rubbed with EVOO and the spices and wrap, these make a GREAT base potato for Potato Soup. Just cool slightly and cut each potato into eighths and continue with your soup recipe.
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16 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: LINDA MCLEAN
Too much rosemary for my taste but otherwise the herbs made a flavorful potato. Thank you!
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14 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: themomma49
I loved this but for only 2 people I used dryed Rosemary and Thyme with fresh garlic. I poked holes in the potatos and cut then in half to cook faster. It was a hit thank you. Janiec
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30 May 2012
Reviewed by: House of Aqua
It was a little bland and needed some extra spice added to up the flavor. I didn't have rosemary, but added some thyme.
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02 Jul 2007
Reviewed by: Barb A.
I've made this recipe a number of times, and keep coming back to it. I use only fresh herbs, double the garlic and make sure there are lots of holes poked in the potato with a fork before adding the olive oil. We use a gas barbeque - and the potates take about 40 minutes on medium-high. Thanks for the recipe Rick.
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