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BBQ Pork Spare Ribs

This is a great way to cook ribs, get the flavour into them and soft inside, and then transfer to the BBQ to get the saucy, smoky outdoor flavour.
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10 Aug 2002
Reviewed by: Luvs2Cook!
Very tasty! I wish I would have thought of putting spice in the water while boiling ribs years ago! I cut the recipe in half and it was perfect!
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07 May 2009
Reviewed by: stik14
The sauce was excellent! To make my ribs more tender, I didn't boil them, I wrapped the ribs in foil sprayed lighty with "pam" and baked at 275-300F (depending on oven) for 3 1/2-4 hrs and then brushed the sauce on ribs broiling in oven (watching). Repeated this step 4 times. These ribs fell right off the bone. I sprinkled salt/pepper and garlic spice on ribs before wrapped in foil.
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28 May 2003
Reviewed by: chickieboo
This was excellent! My family raved about them. Definitely a keeper.
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05 Jun 2001
Reviewed by: TIWIGIRL
Best rib recipe ever!!a must try,just excellent
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21 Jun 2002
Reviewed by: TINALOUISE1
Mine were not tender at all!
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17 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: MAGDA99
This is excellent!! Just try it!
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07 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: charlene
i have done this recipe now 4 times. I used red pepper jelly instead of the plum sauce. My next is 25# for a bbq.I dont boil the ribs. I sprinkle with garlic powder and put in a roasting pan , with about 1 inch of water. Cover and bake at 250 degrees for about 3 -4 hours. Then drain them, and put the sauce on, uncovered, basting about every 15 mins, until the meat pulls away from the bones easily. You need to be patient and cook them until the meat does this.
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07 Dec 2007
Reviewed by: Chef Andrew
This is fantastic! I've cooked it three times for 10 plus people everytime and they have all loved it. I've made a few tweaks: I add crushed red pepper flakes to the dry rub, boil it for nearly two hours, and add about 1/4 cup of chile paste to the sauce. Sweet and Spicy...and delicious.
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07 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: Gloria
The sauce is excellent.
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08 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: Lorraine
Delicious. So tasty. We loved them. I definitely make them again.
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