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Stir Fried Chicken and Chinese Vegetables

This is a fantastic stir-fry dish that tastes like it came straight from a Chinese restaurant! It never fails to get rave reviews from my family and friends! Serve it hot over white or brown rice.
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20 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: T's
I've been looking for a good stir-fry recipe and this one was awesome! I will double the amount next time so that we have left overs. I think I'll add some mushrooms to it also. Yummy!
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14 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: Meredith
This is an easy recipe that's really tasty. I used frozen stir fry vegetables instead of fresh though. Next time I might add more soy sauce and some other spices to give more flavor. I'll definitely be using this recipe again.
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09 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: vanessa
this was really good, i followed the recipe exactly, except i eyeballed the soy sauce instead of measuring 2 tablespoons (after fighting the oyster sauce i didnt feel like fighting with that little spout on the soy sauce bottle lol). it was a little thick after the corn starch mixture was added but still very good. next time i might do it without the cornstarch and maybe add some ginger to it. i used canned water chestnuts and just used the water i drained from the can for the 1/2 cup of water, added the sugar and pepper to that then poured it into the skillet. might also cut down the pepper a little bit next time because it might be too spicy for some people, just pepper to taste. very very good recipe with a lot of tinkering potential, but also great as is.
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08 Dec 2011
Reviewed by: jasminetea
Very tasty, very easy and quick dish to make. My Asian family really liked this and I will definitely be adding this to our dinner rotation. The only change I made was in the amount of soy sauce and oyster sauce used. This will of course depend on personal preference, but my husband and I often feel that the Chinese food served at restaurants in America is too salty/strong. I grew up in a Chinese family and actual Chinese cooking is milder. So when marinading the chicken, I used only enough soy sauce and oyster sauce to generously coat the meat (I did not measure, but am sure that it was less than what the recipe called for), and let that sit for approx. 20 minutes. The flavor came out perfectly for us -- strong enough to enjoy the chicken and veggies but not overpowering to the point where all you can taste is sauce.
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13 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: Veebs
I jused only 1.5 Table spoons of corn starch and added 1 Tea spoon of minced ginger and this recipe rocks! Made it again with shrimp and it tastes even greater!
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01 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: KimberlyOakes
I will never buy frozen stir fry again! I added carrots and mushrooms instead of snow peas, and I added about a teaspoon of Sesame Seed Oil to the marinade (recommend!). I was very skeptical when I smelled the oyster sauce, but it really added such a great flavor to all of the ingredients!
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30 Jan 2010
Reviewed by: hot suns
Great flavor! I will be making this again. Only change I may make is to use a little less cornstarch. It turned out a little thick for me.
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02 Oct 2012
Reviewed by: sarahbeths
There is nothing disgusting or problematic with this meal, but it wasn't particularly interesting or flavorful. Just simple, basic stir fry. Also, the 10 minutes of stir-frying the chicken prior to even adding veggies is WAY too much. I had a hunch that was much too long so I did about 5 minutes before adding the veggies/liquids, and even that dried the chicken all the way out. The chicken is cooking about three times longer than it needs to.
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29 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: billyandleah
I just made this and it tastes like I just walked out with chinese take out! I just added extra soy sauce and used frozen stir fry veggies.
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08 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: DIZ♥
Stir fry doesn't get any easier than this. It's pretty basic. I'm not sure I liked all of the pepper in it, but my husband said that was his favorite part.
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