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Jamaican Style Ginger Cake

Everyone loves this ginger cake which uses fresh and powdered ginger. It will get rave reviews from your guests.
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28 Jan 2004
Reviewed by: RUBY2
Wow. I followed the recipe exactly, this is a moist, delicious cake. Do include the fresh grated ginger, it adds a unique and wonderful flavor. My Jamaican friend says to make this really authentic use dark brown sugar, preferably Demerara - I'll try that next time.
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22 Apr 2001
Reviewed by: SWALIS
If you love fresh ginger, this is the ginger-cake for you! It differs from Gingerbread in that it is not so dark; it is more golden colored, and does not have any molasses. But the fresh ginger taste is strong and wonderful. I topped the cake with whipped cream. Also I used a large glass baking dish and baked using convection oven at 325 for 30-35 minutes. Sue Alice
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19 May 2003
Reviewed by: A Cook in Laurel, MD
This cake is fantastic! It just dances on your tongue! It was so moist! This is not your typical ginger cake--there is no molasses. So it is a nice light cake with lots of ginger sparkle. And I didn't even add the fresh ginger the recipe called for--just the powdered ginger. It was quite a hit with my guests. I made an orange glaze for the cake, but was pointless. One: it didn't need any embellishment, and two: the orange taste was totally overruled by the ginger flavor. Go the powedered sugar route as she says. Thank you Margorita Whyte for a wonderful recipe!!
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05 Jan 2007
Made this along with a pound cake for a large family party. When people heard "ginger cake" they made a beeline for the pound cake. Once the pound cake was gone, a few brave souls tried this one, and within minutes, word had spread. It was literally devoured in about four minutes. (I come from a long line of sweets lovers.) Anyway, I made a glaze of 1/2 stick melted butter, 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar and about 3 Tbsp ginger brandy and poured it over the top. It was great!!! Thanks for a recipe I will be using over and over.
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06 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: kam227
Amazing! Very tasty. I ran out of fresh ginger so only used less than 3 tablespoons thinking it would be plenty, but I would deff recommend the full 4 tablespoons. I cooked it in a loaf tin in a fan oven at 160 for around 50 mins and it came out great
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25 Aug 2005
Reviewed by: WILDPIGEON
This dense, spicy, ginger-iffic poudcake is AMAZING! I used this recipe for my sister's wedding cake, with an orange-ginger cream cheese frosting... Everyone loved it! I could not have been happier with it!!
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28 Nov 2003
Reviewed by: MISSKITTIE
I think I have found the perfect holiday dessert to serve to family and friends! This cake was neither too sweet nor too bland. Perfectly moist and chockful of flavour. To make it even more satisfying and visually appealing I baked the cake in portions so it was about 1 inch high and cut it into squares. Alonside a apple compote, a scoop of ice-cream and some caramel drizzled over the entire dish it was fit to impress.
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18 Sep 2003
Thanks to Margorita's delicious cake recipe, my fav charity is $44.00 richer. This was one of the cakes we auctioned off. People loved the look of it frosted and filled with Apricot filling and frosting for Angelfood Cakes also on this site. This cake was unique, tasty and moist. Thanks for sharing Margorita!
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13 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Aimée
Made this for my boyfriend and everyone loved it, made a few changes to make it extra moist: added 2tblsp black treacle to the batter; as soon as I took it out the oven, I skewered it all over and poured over a mix of 2tblsp brandy, 5g grated fresh ginger, 1tblsp water & 1/2tsp vanilla extract through a strainer & coated it with a vanilla glaze.
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20 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: SELEA
With the amount if fresh and ground ginger needed, I thought the ginger flavor might possibly be too intense. It was just right, and made a mild and moist bundt cake.
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