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Amazing Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs

This recipe is a lot of work, but worth the effort. If you want to make your own BBQ sauce try this recipe.
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16 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: Harry_Morant
Wow - so easy and I am now a BBQ Ribs legend in my household - Fantastic!
02 Jun 2010
missy said:
This was a great recipe. Will never eat out for ribs again. A bit of preparation but well work the effort. Thanks Scotty
02 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: missy
This was a great recipe. Will never eat ribs out again. Bit of preparation but well work the effort. Thanks Scotty
24 Nov 2014
Reviewed by: byronjj
I like the cooks note great minds think a like will make them as soon as our weather fines up and let you know how everyone enjoyed them
30 Jul 2003
Reviewed by: POC6322
I'm in the deep south where bbq ribs are highly scrutinized. After cooking ribs this way, I wouldn't cook them any way else, and I've had ribs that were not cooked this way and they don't fall off the bone as easily, believe me it ain't a pretty sight. I skipped the grill because it's kaput right now, went straight after the boil to the oven and they turned out delicious & tender, finger-lickin good. I drank the beer instead and it made the recipe that much better!
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29 Jul 2006
Reviewed by: Cooking 101
I opted not to boil the ribs, I think this takes away from the flavor. So I cooked them in the crock pot with other ing. on low for about two hour checking to make sure they did not start falling apart. I then drained grease from crockpot and let the ribs rest on paper towels for about 30 minutes while getting the grill ready. When the grill was hot we cooked them for about eight minutes, four minutes on each side and brushed them with BBQ sauce, I then added them back to crockpot with BBQ sauce and we used Miller beer. Make sure you use a good BBQ sauce like Jack Daniels, Famous Daves, etc. if you use the cheap brands like kraft etc. you will not get the full flavor of BBQ. These turned out finger lickin, fall of the bone, drop dead good. Thanks for the post.
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25 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: I'm nuts too...
I always make these (actually the same recipe) using a coke, but being a beer lover, who am I to pass this up? I skipped the whole pre-cook thing & just stuck them in the crock pot (on low) for about 5 hours and they were so tender that I could pull the bone out without a problem. I used Bubba's Best BBQ Sauce (from this site) with this. Thanks Scotty!
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28 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: david4ania
Fantastic. I followed all three steps of the cooking process. After reading all of the reviews, it appeared to me that some were having a tough time BBQ'ing the ribs without burning them. I think that the reason is two-fold. First, and probably the main reason for this, was the use of far to much BBQ sauce. The ribs should only be lightly coated. Second, when cooking the ribs, you should not place them over the direct flame of the BBQ. High heat and high flame are two different things. For example, on a four burner gas BBQ, you can maintain 350 degrees by putting two burners on high and two on low. With this, you can cook your ribs over the low flame and get that fire taste.
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03 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: SKYEWILL
Absolutley delicious & very tender! I skiped grilling them & I cooked them in a 325degree oven for 3 hrs. instead of a slow coker. The ribs were a huge hit with my whole family. My 2yr. old couldn't get enough of them! I will definitley make these again!
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15 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: RWLEVINSON
INCREDIBLE. my boyfriend said they were the best he's ever had! I used two bottles of bbq sauce (one sweet, one spicy) and added bourbon whiskey, worcestershire sauce, Franks Red Hot and cider vinegar to them. I also used porter beer - the flavor was rich and distinctive. these are fantastic and definitely better than any I've had in restaurants! Thank you SO MUCH!
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