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    A much requested family favourite at Christmas time. This dried, cured meat is something special to the family as it is a tradition from where my mother was born -- South Africa. use whatever marinade you want - just prepare enough to cover your meat. You will also need string and a warm place to hang your meat.

    Serves: 4 

    • 1 kg good quality beef cuts
    • vinegar to sprinkle over
    • marinade of your choice: traditionally a combination of coriander, sugar and salt and pepper - but you can add chilli, garlic, peanut butter -- up to you!

    Preparation:7days  ›  Extra time:2min  ›  Ready in:7days2min 

    1. Wash the meat. With the back of a big knife or a meat mallet, pummel the meat until softened.
    2. Sprinkle the vinegar over the meat.
    3. Then place your meat into your prepared marinade, making sure it has absorbed your marinade.
    4. Place the marinated meat onto a tray and in the fridge for a few hours, draining off the excess liquid when refrigerated.
    5. In a half and half vinegar/water solution, quickly dip the meat in to remove the surface salt.
    6. Make a hole in one end of the meat and thread the strong through, tying it to the meat with some length on the other end.
    7. Hang/suspend the meat (put some paper down under it to avoid potential dripping!) in a warm place for about a week or so until it is dry.
    8. Consume at will.

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