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Peach Sorbet

I live in a peach growing area so I make this a lot. There's nothing quite so refreshing as peach sorbet!
Reviews (23)

11 Feb 2015
Reviewed by: jmeyerc
Peach is my sisters fav fruit and she loves it!!!!!!! -- ;o)
19 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: Christy
This was easy and yummy. I made with 4 tablespoons of honey instead of sugar and used 5 peaches. I also added about a 1/2 teaspoon of lemon zest and two sprigs of fresh mint to the simple syrup. This added a lovely flavor. I scored the bottom of the peaches and boiled them for 10 seconds before peeling.
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22 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: Christina Williams
For best flavor, I find that peaches that are VERY ripe and almost too soft, are the best.
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04 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: sbelenkov
Very easy to make. I used less sugar, I think the amount depends on a person's taste. To peal the peaches, just cut an X in the bottom of each peach and drop in boiling water for 30 seconds. The skin should slip right off.
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31 Jul 2010
This was very good! Personally, i would use a little less lemon juice and a bit more sugar as it was a bit more tart than I usually like. My husband (who is a big fan of tartness) LOVED it. =)
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18 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: lutzflcat
We liked the fresh (non-sugary) flavor of this sorbet, but the texture after freezing was like an ice block. Followed the recipe to the letter, so I'm not sure what happened, but I'll not be making this again.
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01 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: Kim Bedelle
I made a syrup by boiling my water and sugar for 5 minutes until it thickens slightly. This made a pretty good sorbet even though I don't have an ice cream maker.
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19 Oct 2008
Reviewed by: John F
Used Peach Nectar I found at Job Lot store. Really good.
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08 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: MissJulieReallyCooks
This was roll-your-eyes-back-in-your-head delicious. I used some peaches that were about to go bad, which may have helped give the sorbet the taste of peach essence. We ate it right out of the ice cream freezer, so it was firm, but still soft. I think the leftovers we put in the freezer overnight will likely not have as nice of a texture, but the flavor can't be beat.
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12 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: pitvet
This was fabulous! My peaches weren't super ripe, so the lemon juice was a bit strong, but it still tasted great. I'll just titrate that down based on my peaches. The recipe didn't make much - but it was perfect for just a few people. Next time, I'm going to try it with honey instead of sugar. Yum!
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