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Brazilian Coconut Chicken Curry

Like a Latin American curry this is a wonderfully rich chicken stew that combines flavours such as cumin, garlic, ginger and coriander in a coconut milk based sauce.
Reviews (324)

05 Nov 2008
ooradol said:
Used different ingredients. Had no fresh tomatoes or light coconut milk, so sustituted tinned diced tomatoes and a can of coconut cream. It worked perfectly.
01 Dec 2012
Reviewed by: BloodyLanceFlashman
Great recipe. I also left the chicken simmering in the sauce for about 45 minutes. During that time I made Mexican Rice (recipe from this site) and they compliment each other very well. Easy to make and brilliant.
29 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: PRINCESS ANTZ
I was pleasantly surprised at how good this dish was! I tried it because I thought it might be good, but it was just great!!! Don't forget to season the chicken and the sauce with salt and pepper to taste. I think that maybe a couple of reviewers may have forgotten, which led to their conclusions that this was bland. It was absolutely delicious! Thanks!
15 Oct 2009
lynjoymac said:
Something else. Not sure why CHOUGHTON tweaked this recipe with basil instead of parsley, (it doesn't have parsley in it) it has coriander which is perfectly matched to the coconut milk & spices. I think it's a great flavour combination.
29 Sep 2008
Used different ingredients. Missing link - BASIL I made the recipe according to directions and tore up a little basil (rather than parsley) after seasoning it to taste. The basil added a little kick and some more sweetness. Try it!
29 Sep 2008
This was a nice change. It's incredibly spicy, which suited our tastes just fine. Next time I think I'll simmer the chicken in the sauce for a bit so it can soak up some of the flavours.
29 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: BOEREWORS
This was a very simple, spicy chicken dish that my wife and I both really enjoyed. Without question a 5 star.
29 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: cas
made this one for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it!combined with rice,this dish is very similar to curry the coconut milk and tomato sauce.also turns out good when you combine similar spices you might have at home.
09 May 2016
Reviewed by: mellsy
Easy, only changed it due to ingredient choices. Used diced chicken thighs and a tin of diced tomatoes. That meant I had to increase the cooking time to reduce the sauce and get the chicken tender. It makes you wonder why you would bother with recipe mixes from the supermarket. Nice and easy and tasty.
17 Aug 2015
Reviewed by: Ophy
It was just incredible flavours and everything rocked


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