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Emma's Tuna Mornay

One of my favourite dishes that my mother used to make. Simple to make and always a hit amongst family and friends.
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11 Dec 2009
pengfree said:
Altered ingredient amounts. The first time I made this, I found that the sauce was a bit runny, even after adding the cheese, so when I next made it I increased the flour to 4 tablespoons. This time I also didn't have enough butter, so I used some sour cream to help make the roux (butter/flour mix) before adding the flour. I also found I had no lemon juice, so I used lime juice instead. I measured the salt and mustard powder, so that when I made this again I would know how I got the flavour we enjoyed. I used 1 tsp salt, and approximately 1/2 tsp of mustard powder.
19 Mar 2011
emmie88 said:
Used different ingredients. you can also add onion to this as well. its amazing
11 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: pengfree
The first time I made this, I loved it!! This would have to be the best tuna mornay I have ever had. The second time I tweaked it a little, and it was just as delicious.
12 Apr 2016
Reviewed by: IamPeaches
I made this for the first time and my family enjoyed it but said the sauce wasn't right. I had to increase the amount of pasta as the 200g just wasn't enough. By doing this I increased the amount of sauce to accomodate but it still wasn't enough. The bake was tasty but really dry, I'm hoping next time I get the proportions right and it will be perfect.
13 Mar 2014
Reviewed by: snowmoonelk
Can you freeze this?
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09 Dec 2014
Reviewed by: cahollier
I did change things a little as was lazy so used a carton of ready made white pasta sauce. Also crushed up 200 grams of crisps instead of breadcrumbs & used a packet of ready grated 4 cheese to top it all. Did not bother with mustard or lemon juice & used Penne pasta. Made this in 10 mins so really quick & was plenty for 4 people as very filling.
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26 Feb 2019
Reviewed by: kikikim
Its nice to find a tuna casserole recipe that doesn't have cream of something soup! Due to gluten intolerance, I omitted the flour,and used xanthan gum to thicken and gluten free pasta.I added shredded zucchini for texture and nutritional oomph! I left out the crumb topping for white cheeder cheese topping and baked the casserole until bumbling and delicious! Thank you for posting as a substitute for retro recipe lovers like myself who can easily tweek. :D
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20 Feb 2019
Reviewed by: Mara
Since reviews said it was bland, I cut up onion and minced 1 large clove garlic and added it to the hot white sauce. Then added a little Italian seasonings and parsley. I baked it for 15 to 20 minutes. It was good and would make again. Since I am dairy intolerant, I used parmesan cheese (it is ok) in the sauce and added cheese to my husbands side of the casserole. Then instead of bread crumbs I had a bag of crispy onions and we put that on top. I know I changed it but it was the only one that allowed me to not use cream of chicken or mushroom soup. I used Almond milk.
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26 Jan 2019
Reviewed by: Cypress
Would definitely make it again.
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11 Dec 2018
Reviewed by: Pam Witzig
Nope. I was looking forward to this. Funky texture. Not great flavor. Won't try it again.
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