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Coconut Snaps

Given to me by old friend. Very crunchy and more-ish.
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13 Feb 2014
Reviewed by: JenniferPerrey
Oh yum I make these from my mum's recipe which just added vanilla and lacked the lemon, but it had the cherries and my mum always used to give me a glacé cherry my mum called them melting moments, probably because that's how quickly they were gone!
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03 Apr 2013
Thank you for this recipe iv made it a few times now, all the family like them. Iv even omitted the cocnut and made choc biscuits and cinnamon biscuits and even ginger one's with this recipe they are delish and they don't last long in my house......
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24 Mar 2013
Reviewed by: LorraineFoster
made these today, only thing was i didn't have any coconut so i added ground rice instead, they are so nice will deff make them again and can't wait to make them with coconut too, really nice biscuit, thank you roejen for this delicous recipie
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14 Oct 2012
Reviewed by: dylanmagic
Delicious, simple to make and huge! I found 15 minutes was far too long mine took between 7 - 10.
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01 Jul 2012
Reviewed by: Magnetar4
I have JUST finished baking these, and my goodness, they are delicious! Didn't realise they would spread so much, so have had to cut into squares. I also used freshly-grated coconut. Will defo make again soon.
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28 May 2012
Reviewed by: RebeccaD
These are huge! I didnt realise they would spread as much as they did, resulting in them all joining together in the oven. Think next time I will put just half the mixture at a time on the baking tray. I will definitely be making these again, maybe with some drizzled chocolate on top.
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05 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: Fiona1984
I made these but had no lemon so just put a drop of vanilla extract in instead and they were lovely! Will definitely make these again!
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13 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: shul558127
OMG delicious just like macaroons without the paper. I don't know what happened but I needed to add a bit more flour as the mixture was too sloppy, I didn't roll them either just dotted spoonfuls on the tray so mine were probably a bit bigger but they were just soooooo nice, seriously dangerous food!
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01 May 2010
Reviewed by: mars5
quick, easy, yummy-will make again soon
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