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Sri Lankan Style Spiced Potato Curry

A vegetarian curry based on potatoes and a home made curry powder of toasted and ground coriander, fennel and cumin seeds.
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30 Jul 2009
cassandra said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Didn't have ghee so used oil; ended up using more coconut milk...probably half again as recommended
30 Jul 2009
Reviewed by: cassandra
This was great. It wasnt too hard to make the curry powder and it smelt amazing while it was cooking! I boiled the potatoes -so I did that for about 12 minutes.
05 Apr 2005
Reviewed by: SMPARSONS
Delicious. I have been using something very similar as a filling for Dosas for years. dry roasting the spices takes a couple of times to get it down..particularly if you don't have access to fresher ingredients. A couple of things to consider are obviously if you have an indian market in your community, they will almost always have their own fresh made curry powders and if you explain what you want (using Steve's ingredients) it's like they will have it, or something similar. Most supermarkets now have pre-made indian spices like Garam Masala (which adds things like Cardamom, Cloves, Nutmeg)...which is not the same, but also a nice flavour. In both cases you can dry roast the powder, of add some of the gee to make a paste and then heat that until it starts to get aromatic - but if so you must use ghee as you may not notice if you use regular butter and it starts to burn..Ghee has a higher smoke point. NEVER, EVER USE THE MASS MARKET DREAD YELLOW POWDER THEY CALL CURRY POWDER!!!!! It's an abomination and the reason why so many people hate curries, they think it is that and it is NOT!!! In India (and Sri Lanka as well as other communtiies that share the ethnic and culinary background), almsot every family has their won curry recipe that is handed down for generations and has it's own special proportions and mix of spices. I had Tamil friends in Malaysia whose grandmother shared her 'formula' with was a great sign of acceptance.
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08 Apr 2003
Reviewed by: BLOOMIE
I would love to try this recipe but don't have a grinder or the raw seeds. I was wondering if Steve might give the measurements for the equivalent in prepackaged spices. Would it be the same? (I rated the recipe based on the ingredient list). Bloomie
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09 Apr 2003
Reviewed by: KAFFIR
This dish was aromatic to make and tasty to eat, especially when the potatoes are simply warm. I found that I had to use the whole 13.5 oz can of coconut milk and cook the potatoes 15 minutes longer, despite having microwaved them previous to putting them in the pan. Other than that, it was wonderful. I love coriander, both the seeds and the plant. It was great. Thank you for sharing this. P.S. The flavor doesn't keep well after it's been refrigerated for a few days.
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17 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: lovestoexperiment
It was a little bland.... and I did end up using the entire can of coconut milk. The potatoes took forever to cook, but they did eventually (30 minutes of constant simmering later!). For the person who said they didn't have a grinder, what you can do is roast the seeds, and then place them in foil. Fold the foil up, then take a rolling pin and crush them through the foil. It works pretty much the same. That's what I did because my grinder cannot grind small amounts.
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12 Mar 2006
Reviewed by: Cooky McGee
I made this recipe using the powdered version of all the spices (exept garlic) and it turned out great. I used the same measurements for the powdered spices. Next time though I will microwave the potatoes longer so they are basically done - I found the recipe took a lot longer as the potatoes took a while to cook in the pan. But still so tasty!
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09 Sep 2009
Reviewed by: eileen
Whoaaa this was awesome! My only complaint is that it smelled so good while cooking that no one could wait for it to finish (but that's a good thing..). I didn't have curry leaves so I used a Tbsp curry powder- deelish! =)
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03 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: Madu
Simply delicious. Thank you for sharing it. My husband loved it as it was different. The aroma was mouth watering.
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04 Nov 2012
Reviewed by: Psully42
This is a great potato curry but I add turmeric to it too!
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