Christmas Ideas (9)

The beauty of celebrating Christmas in Australia and New Zealand is that you make it whatever you want. Check out some of our tips and ideas for Christmas food and Christmas recipes as well as great ideas for Christmas menus.
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Want to do a Christmas picnic this year? It's a perfect solution if you're away from home or you just want a break from the big traditional Christmas lunch.

Sometimes it makes a lot of sense to cook outside at Christmas. A Christmas barbie spreads the cooking around, lets you still have access to the fridge and allows more time for relaxing.

Roast Chicken is the perfect centrepiece for a special event whether it's Christmas or a weekend dinner or lunch. Roasting a whole chicken takes longer than other methods of cooking chicken, but it has very little preparation time and the results are worth it.

If you're thinking of trying a roast turkey for this Christmas – or anytime – here's some invaluable tips for cooking turkey - including turkey cooking times - to make your meal a success.

Make a gingerbread house this Christmas for the perfect homemade Christmas decoration and creative fun activity.
Never made one before? No worries! This step by step guide will set you on the right path.

Making gingerbread biscuits is not that hard and is a fun cooking and decorating project for kids. Here's some quick tips to help you get the best gingerbread people, stars, trees or whatever shape gingerbread biscuits you want this Christmas.

If you want to have ago at making Christmas tree or star shaped flat cookies this Christmas, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

The beauty of celebrating Christmas in Australia and New Zealand is that you make it whatever you want.
If you want to go traditional, then go all the way with the roast, all the trimmings and the plum pudding to finish.

Christmas biscuits and gingerbread, truffles, fudge, jams, pickles - they're all relatively easy to make and with a ribbon here and some cellophane there, they also make great presents.


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