Holiday Fun with Gingerbread!

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Making and decorating gingerbread is great holiday fun, especially with the kids. It's easy, too - just follow our introductory video or the recipes below and you'll get it right every time. Start out with some gingerbread men, then before you know it you'll be building gingerbread houses or making gingerbread ice cream!

Gingerbread Men
1 Holiday Fun with Gingerbread! Step 2 Picture
Here's where you can find the gingerbread men recipe used for the video above.
Gingerbread Houses
2 Holiday Fun with Gingerbread! Step 4 Picture
Get a little more elaborate with a recipe for a gingerbread house. Great creative fun for kids! If you need a little more detail, check out this great article.
Gingerbread Ice Cream
3 Holiday Fun with Gingerbread! Step 6 Picture
Here's a quick and simple recipe for gingerbread ice cream you can make with ginger biscuits from the shop.
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