Halloween Cupcake Fun

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Have fun with this easy step-by-step video showing you three different Halloween decoration ideas for cupcakes. Create all 3 or choose your favourite from Halloween Spider Cupcakes, Snake Muffins or create a whole Cupcake Graveyard!

Make your own Halloween Cupcakes
Below are the three Halloween Cupcake recipes featured in the video. Still want more ideas? Try the Halloween Cakes page for more options.

Spider Cupcakes
Halloween Cupcake Fun Step 2 Picture
• Red liquorice laces

• Dark chocolate icing,br>
• Jelly beans or chocolate sweets

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Snake Muffins
Halloween Cupcake Fun Step 4 Picture
• Chocolate biscuits, crushed

• 24 jelly snakes

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Cupcake Graveyard
Halloween Cupcake Fun Step 6 Picture
• Chocolate icing

• 150g crumbed chocolate biscuits

• 24 oval or rectangular shaped biscuits

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  • Looks really easy to do! Love the video animation
    Posted: 24 Oct 2011 Easy


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